Best Way to Fix Corrupted SD Card and Recover Data

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2019-07-25 / Update for  Data Recovery

If you are likely to save files in SD card as it is kind of convenient to bring, have you ever meet with the situation that your SD card get corrupted when insert to computer? If you have just get into this kind of trouble, here we have prepared solution for you to fix corrupted SD card and recover data from it. Let's start to learn how!

Part 1: How to Retrieve Data from Corrupted/Damaged SD Card

When dealing with a corrupted SD card, an usual user may not be able to manually fix. Thus we here recommend you have a try by using Any Data Recovery Pro, this software is just like its name, it can help users to safely and easily recover 550+ kinds data from 50+ types of storage media in different loss situations which including formatted, corrupted, unreadable, virus attack, etc.

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  • You should only to download and install this software to your computer, connect your corrupted SD card with computer via USB. When you will see the interface below, you could choose your wanted files types and click "Next".
  • recover deleted photos from trash bin on mac
  • Then you need to choose the path where you saved those files and click "Next" and choose "Scan" as follow.
  • recover deleted photos from trash bin on mac
  • When the scanning process is over, all the recoverable files are listed by path, types or time. You then are able to check files you want and preview in the program. After that, click "Recover" to start recovery.
  • recover deleted photos from trash bin on mac
  • The recovery process may take you minutes, please be patiently wait.
Note: Please do not save the data to the partition where your lost data located.

Part 2: How to Avoid Data Loss for SD Card

In order to extend the life time of SD card, here we have some suggests for you:

  • Before connect your SD card with computer, please remember to ensure the safety of computer.
  • Put SD card in proper environment when take it out or put it back to digital devices.
  • Try to manage SD card data on computer if it's able to do so.
  • You are also welcomed to enable write-protection to avoid data loss.
  • Always remember to backup important data in place like cloud in fear of data loss.

That's all about how to restore lost data in corrupted SD card, only a few steps can make you worry less. If you meet with other data loss issues, you can also come to this article for help. As an all-round data recovery tool, Any Data Recovery Pro will sure give you a hand. 

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  Updated on 2019-07-25 / Update for  Data Recovery

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