How to Turn off Activation Lock on Apple Watch

The Activation Lock is another anti-theft measure after Apple's Find My iPhone. With this feature, the number of iPhone theft cases has declined. But here is a question, what if you want to sell the Apple Watch or give it to other people, how to turn off Activation lock on Apple Watch? Keep reading to learn.

turn off activation lock on apple watch

Part I. What Is Activation Lock on Apple Watch

Like the function as "Find My iPhone", "Activation Lock" is designed to help user to retrieve lost or stolen iOS devices. However, the main function of "Find My iPhone" is to track lost devices on the map, while Activation Lock is to prevent thieves from using the device. When "Activate Lock" is enabled, others will be required to enter your Apple ID and password before doing the following:

  • Turn off "Find my iPhone" on your device
  • Log out of iCloud on your device
  • Erase and reactivate your device

Activation Lock ensures the security of the iOS device and prevents others from re-activating the device without the original owner's permission, thus reducing the theft rate of the iPhone device.

Part II. How to Turn off Activation Lock on Apple Watch

Basically when you want to sell the Apple Watch or give it to someone or even giving for servicing, you need to disable activation lock on Apple Watch. Here, I will show you how to turn off Activation Lock on Apple Watch.

Way 1: Disable Activation Lock Apple Watch on iPhone

It is not a big issue to remove activation lock on Apple Watch. You just need to unpair your Apple Watch from you connected iPhone. Follow the steps given below to unpair the watch from your iPhone.

Note: If unpair, Apple Watch will be reset to the factory default settings.

  • Before unpairing, put Your Apple Watch and iPhone together.
  • Open the "Apple Watch" application on your iPhone >> Go to "My Watch" tab
  • Now select the watch that you want to unpair >> tap "the info icon" button on the right side of you watch >> Select "Unpair Apple Watch".
  • unpair apple watch process 1
  • Later, a pop-up box will ask you whether to remove the cellular plan from this Apple Watch. If you want to pair your iPhone and Apple Watch again, then choose "Keep Plan". If not, choose "Remove Plan".
  • remove plan from apple watch
  • Now confirm the process by pressing Unpair option again. Enter your Apple ID password >> Press Unpair to disable Activation Lock on Apple Watch.
  • unpair apple watch process 2

    It will take few minutes and finally you will be able to unpair Apple Watch form your iPhone and now you have removed activation lock on Apple Watch.

    Turning off Activation Lock on Apple Watch can be very useful and helpful for many of the users. If you want to give your Watch to any of your family members or your friend or even wants to sell your Watch, you should better turn off the Activation Lock as they won't be able to connect the Watch with their iPhone.

Way 2: Turn off Activation Lock on Apple Watch without iPhone

This is also one of the easiest and simplest ways to disable activation lock on Apple watch. This method is useful in case your Apple Watch isn't pair with your iPhone or you don't have access to your Apple Watch or even iPhone.

  • Go to on your Mac or Windows computer
  • Now Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • sign in icloud
  • Enter Find My iPhone and tap All Devices that you see at the Top bar of the screen.
  • Select your Apple Watch.
  • turn off activation lock on apple watch via icloud
  • Click Erase Apple Watch >> Select Next until the device is completely erased.
  • Click "X" next to your Apple Watch to remove it.
  • turn off activation lock on apple watch via icloud remove
  • Again click "Remove" to confirm.

Bonus Tip: How to Remove Passcode from iPhone While Connecting Apple Watch

If you are locked out of your iPhone or disable the iPhone while connecting Apple Watch to your iPhone or after entering the passcode many times then you can try Tenorshare 4uKey. It's a professional iPhone passcode removing tool which enables you to unlock the passcode easily and get access to your iPhone. Here is the procedure to follow.

Video Guide: How to Unlock Any iPhone Passcode with 4uKey

Step 1 After installation, launch the 4uKey and choose "Unlock Lock Screen Passcode" to get started.

unlock lock screen passcode

Step 2 Connect your iPhone to computer and Click "Start" button once the program detect it successfully.

start to remove

Step 3 Choose the save pave and click "Download" button to download the firmware package.

download firmware package

Step 4 When the firmware package has been downloaded, click "Start Unlock", it will start to remove your iPhone passcode.

start unlock


In this article, you will learn something about apple watch activation lock and also get two ways to turn off activation lock on Apple Watch. Besides, if you forget the iPhone screen passcode, you can resort to the professional software - Tenorshare 4uKey, it will help you remove passcode from iPhone within several minutes. I hope this will help you a lot and if you have any query related to this topic. Let us know in comment section.

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