How To Fix Top Apple Watch Problems

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2019-07-25 / Update for  Apple Watch

Apple Watch is the leading wearable device in the market. Even though this device is a superior piece of art, it might face a number of issues. And today, we are going to discuss some of the Apple Watch issues here. Any Apple Watch problem that you might be facing can be found here with a solution. Hence, let us have a look at the possible solutions that will assist you in solving your issue.

1. Apple Watch Not Pairing

Apple Watch connection problem is one of the most common issues that are faced by the users. Here, users are not able to pair their watch (for example: using Bluetooth) with any other devices such as iPhone or wireless headphones. Here is a solution that can help you.


1: Turn off and on the Bluetooth on your iPhone. If the issue is with the Bluetooth connection, doing this can restore the connection.

2: Turn on and off the Airplane Mode on your handset. This might reinitiate a connection between the two devices.

3: Put your Apple Watch on another wrist. Distance plays an important role here. A slight change in the distance can get you the desired connection.

4: Restart the Apple Watch. This is very simple. Long press the side button. When the slider appears, slide it to turn off the watch. Again long press the side button to switch on the device.

restart apple watch

2. Apple Watch Black Screen

While facing this Apple Watch problem, users see nothing but a black screen. This makes users go nuts. Here is a solution that might help you.


1: Check if your iPhone is out of battery or not. If the handset is switched off, keep it on charging.

2: If you still see the black screen, then it might be Apple Watch that need to be charged.

3: If both the devices are charged, try hard resetting the Apple Watch. This can be done by long pressing the side button and the crown for few second.

force restart apple watch

3. Activity Tracking Issues

The main purpose of the watch is to track your activities. And if you face apple watch stuck issue and think that the activity tracking is not working, here are some solutions.


1: Start by restarting the device.

2: Turn on the wrist detection feature by going to My Watch >> General >> Wrist Detection.

wrist detection

3: Make sure you have entered your height and weight correctly. If not, change it by going to My Watch >> Health. Edit the specifications here.


4. Notifications Not Working Apple Watch

While facing this apple watch frozen issue, users are not able to see or receive any notifications on their watch. Here are some solutions that might help.


1: If you have enabled a pass code on the watch, remove it. Your problem might possibly get solved.

2: Enable the Wrist Detect feature. This will also help in solving the issue.

3: Factory reset the watch by going to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Erase All Content and Setting.

erase all content and settings

5. Apple Watch Slow Performance

Most of the times, users complain that their watches is operating very slow. If that is the case, here are some solutions to solve the issue.


1: Begin with restarting the watch. If that does not help, try a force restart.

2: Disable animations by going to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Reduce Motion.

3: Perform a factory reset on your watch and see if it solves the issue.

6. Apple Watch Not Charging

Most of the times, users complain that they are not able to charge their watch. Here are some solutions that can help you.


1: Make sure there is not plastic attached to the watch since it might as an obstacle while charging.

2: Try restarting the watch. Also put your hands on hard resetting the device.

3: Make sure the charger and power adapter are not damaged.

4: If that does not help, try factory resetting the Apple Watch.

restore apple watch

7. Apple Watch Not Updating

Sometimes, users have also stated that their Apple Watch was not capable of updating with the latest operating system. Here are some solutions for Apple Watch problem after update.


1: Restart the device once before updating it. You can also try hard restarting the device if soft restarting does not help.

2: Try to install it the update by deleting the earlier Update file. This can be done by going to the Apple Watch app on your handset.

8. Tattoo Issues

Users having tattoos have complained that their watch does not perform up to mark. Here are some solutions to get out of this situation.


1: Start by restarting the Apple Watch.

2: Turn off the wrist detection feature. Users with tattoos will benefit from turning off this feature.

9. Battery draining Problem

While facing Apple Watch battery problem, users notice that their watch is having a poor battery life. There are a number of reasons for this issue to take place. Here are some solutions.


1: Reduce the brightness of your watch by going to Settings >> Brightness. This will help in saving the battery.

2: Reduce the text size as well by going to Settings >> Text size.

3: Enable Power Reserve Mode. This can be done by pressing the side button and swapping the Power Reserve Mode.

power reserve on

10. Apple Watch Digital Crown Issue

In addition to above mentioned issues, users have also claimed that they are facing issues with digital crown. This issue occurs due to dust that gathers around the crown.


1: Clean the crown neatly so that no dust is present around it.

2: You can also remove the band of the watch and run it under warm water to clean it.

3: If still the issue remains, go to Apple Care for assistance.

motion and fitness tracking

11. App Crashing on Apple Watch

If your watch crashes frequently, then you might want to try these solutions.


Step 1: Perform a soft as well as hard reset.

Step 2: Delete any app that you think causes this issue. Press the crown button of your watch to get the app list of your watch. Gently press on the app that you wish to delete. Click on the cross that appears on the app to delete it.

delete app

Step 3: Update the watchOS to the latest version by going to General >> Software Update on the Apple Watch app.

update apple watch

12. Apple Watch Keeps Restarting

Some users also complained that their Apple Watch keeps rebooting and won't turn on past the Apple logo. This issue occurs frequently after a new watchOS update. If your watch keep restarting, then you need to follow the below solutions.


1: Update the watchOS to the latest version. This will help in solving the issue.

2: Factory reset the watch in order to solve the data.

13. Hey Siri Not Working on Apple Watch

If Siri is not working on your device, then this is the most frustrating thing. This needs to be solved as soon as possible. Here are some solutions.


1: Simple try restarting the device.

2: Update the operating system of the watch and see if the issue has been resolved or not.

3: If none of the above solution works, then performing a factory reset might help.

14. No iPhone Connection Issue

While facing this issue, the watch fails to establish any kind of connection with iPhone. Hence, you will not be able to use any functions that are connected with iPhone. To solve the issue, here are some solutions.


1: Turn off Bluetooth and turn it on again. This needs to be done on iPhone.

2: Turn on and off the Airplane Mode. This will help to reestablish any kind of connection with the iPhone.

15. Apple Watch Not Syncing

If your Apple Watch is not syncing, then here are some solutions that you need to put your hands on.


1: Check if the watch is connected to a working Wi-Fi network. Make sure all the connections are working on the watch. You can turn on and off the Airplane Mode.

2: Update the OS on the watch.

3: Perform a hard restart on the watch

16. Apple Watch Touch Screen Not Working

The Apple Watch problem with touch screen makes the users go crazy. Users are not able to operate their watch using the touchscreen. Here are some solutions.


1: Make sure that the screen of the watch is clean. If not, clean it thoroughly.

2: Update the OS.

3: If there is any hardware issue, head to the Apple Care.

17. Apple Watch App Disappeared from iPhone

If the app for your app has disappeared from iPhone, do not worry. Here are some solutions you need to try.


1: Restart your iPhone. This will make sure that the app will appear again on the screen.

2: Update the iOS of your iPhone to the latest version.

3: Probably you might have deleted the app. Just download the app again from App Store.

Part 3: How to Fix Apple Watch Not Working Properly

Most of the above solutions require factory resetting of the device. This will lead to loss of data. And users think twice before taking such measures. Also, most of these issues are caused due to iPhone. Hence, if you need to solve all Apple Watch iPhone problems without data loss, we recommend you to use Tenorshare ReiBoot. This tool is the ultimate solution to all the issues related to iPhone. The tool offers single click solution to each and every issue.

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Long story short, you just had a look at the top issues that users face with their Apple Watch. You also had look at the possible solutions that can be used to solve these issues. If you think that this article was helpful, then do let us know by commenting below.