[Complete Guide] How to Fix High CPU Usage on Windows 8/8.1

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-03-14 / Update for  Windows Care

When using computer we usually meet the situation that the CPU usage goes even high and computer will get stuck or become slow, etc. Thus, when the CPU usage is high or it reach 100%, what can we do to solve high CPU usage on Window 8/8.1?

Reasons for High CPU Usage

For that the reasons can be various, so we here will list some common ones. And the reasons basically will lay on two aspects - hardware and software.

  • 1. The computer configuration is low and computer equipped with too many program. Users are suggest to install some programs or update the computer configuration.
  • 2. The running program is over many, users can choose to close some or end the program which take too much CPU usage.
  • 3. Computer virus will also lead to this result, users can get computer scanned and clean the virus.

How to Fix Reduce Windows 8/8.1 High CPU Usage

In order to quickly and comprehensively solve users' problem, here we recommend you to have try by using Windows Care Genius to optimize you Windows system.

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Solution 1: Close High CPU Used Program

Run Windows Care Genius and then head to System Monitor > Process Monitor. There you will see all the active process running in your computer. Choose unwanted programs and those using the most memory and CPU, then click End Process to stop them.

process monitor

Solution 2: Disable Needless Startup Programs

If you set too many program running at startup, you will surely feel the speed goes slow when using your Windows computer.

In Window Care Genius, turn to System Tuneup and click Startup Manager. Switch any items you want off in Startup, Service. This does fix the Windows computer memory leak somehow.

startup manager

Solution 3: Remove Malware from Your Windows Computer

Perform an internet search on the image name that you force-quit. This will help you figure out what the process is used for, as well as what steps to take to keep it from running at 100%.

Run virus and malware scans - If your research shows that the program is malicious, you may need to remove it using an antivirus or antimalware program. This can be a complicated process and you may not be able to remove the virus without reinstalling Windows.

Most of the users may have installed McAfee on their computer, just run the program and get your Windows 8/8.1 computer scanned. If you haven't get this software, you can refer to:

That's all about how to fix high CPU usage on Windows 8/8.1 and these solutions can also be applied to other type of Windows computer like Window 7 and Windows 10. Notice that always keep your computer in a good condition can also help to solve this kind of program, just take Windows Care Genius to help you more!

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  Updated on 2020-03-14 / Update for  Windows Care

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