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3 Easy Methods to Fix iPhone 7/7 Plus Stuck at Apple Logo

October 4, 2016 03:41 pm / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to iPhone Problems and Fixes
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The appearance of apple logo on the screen is the most common issue that many iPhone users may meet. Especially for those who have recently bought the new brand device, they can easily get iPhone 7 stuck at apple logo after jailbreak or restoring. The apple logo stuck is like a heart attack for iPhone, you cannot call text anybody else, call others, or take a picture with it. When apple logo appears, your precious device totally becomes a junk.

 stuck in white apple logo

When iPhone stuck on apple logo and won’t turn on, most people have no idea to repair it. That’s why we highly recommend iCareFone, the best iPhone repair software to you. This amazing tool offers you the most effective way to fix iOS stuck issues such as white apple screen, black apple screen, recovery mode, screen unresponsive and more. It also helps you to speed up and clean your iPhone to make it running like a totally new one. Free download the software to see more functions of it.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on White/Black Apple Logo Screen

There are three methods recommend to fix stuck at apple screen on red iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6s/6/5s/5 as well as iPod and iPad devices after jailbreak, water damage and more.

Method 1: Put iPhone into DFU mode

DFU stands for Default Firmware Update, it is also one of the easy ways to get apple logo stuck issue fixed on iPhone. Just follow the steps given below:

You will see iTunes pop up on your computer notifying iPhone in DFU mode. This will restore and reset your iPhone’s firmware completely.

itunes restore notice

Note: Put iPhone into DFU mode may lose all your data, hence you need to back up your iPhone data before using this method to repair apple logo stuck.

Method 2: Restore to Factory Settings

This is another simple method to get your stuck issues repaired. This will erase all your iPhone data too, so backup should be made before restoring.

factory restore

This method works on the most times, but if you want to fix iphone stuck at white apple logo without restoring and any data loss, the third method will be your favorite choice.

Method 3: Fix iPhone stuck with iCareFone

iCareFone is able to fix almost all the iOS stuck problems and prevent data damage during the fixing process.

Free Trial iCareFone(iPhone Care Pro) Software:
Free Trial Windows Version
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Step 1: Download and install iCareFone to computer, connect the device to our computer and launch the software. Choose “Repair Operating System” in the main interface and click “Start Now” button.

download firmware package

Step 2: Select a Repair Mode and click “Start” button to repair system. The Standard Repair mode is recommended as it can fix most stuck and crash issues without data loss.

select repair mode

Step 3: Get started with iOS system recovery. The whole process will take you several minutes. Please keep your device connect with the computer during the repairing process.

repair operating system

The methods mentioned above are the common and effective ways for fixing and repairing iPhone stuck in apple logo screen problem, choose the one that suits your particular case and make your device run normally.

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