[Solved] iPhone 7 - Camera Cannot Focus/Blurry on Far Objects

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-04-18 / Update for  iPhone7 Tips

While Apple has tried their best to give you a superb experience with the camera on the iPhone 7, the camera is just not error-free. One of the issues with the iPhone 7’s camera is that it sometimes just doesn’t put focus properly.

What this means is that you when you capture a photo using the camera on your iPhone 7, all you get is a blurry photo that is not focused. And that’s exactly not what you were expecting from your brand new and precious red iPhone 7.

There are some solutions that you can apply to fix this focus issue on your iPhone 7 and get the camera on the phone to work properly.

Here’s how:

Tip1 : Remove the Cover If You Are using One

If you are using a case or cover that doesn’t fit well with your iPhone, then try removing it to see if your camera can now focus on the objects. Sometimes, incompatible cases cause issues with the camera and removing them usually solves the issue.

remove iphone case

Tip 2: Make Sure the Lens is Clean

More often than not, it is the lens on your camera that is not clear hence the blurry images. You should always make sure that the lens on your iPhone is clean in order to get the objects focused in the photos that you capture. You can use a soft cloth to remove the dirt from the lens. You will then have no issues focusing on the objects while capturing images.

 iphone camera lens

Tip 3: Lock the Focus If It Keeps Moving

If you are keep losing focus while taking pictures and you are only getting blurry images, then you can lock the focus on a particular object and that will do the job for you.

Open the camera app and point to the object you want to capture. Then, tap and hold on that object on your iPhone’s screen and the focus will be locked on that object. Now, even if you move your iPhone, the focus will still be on the object you have selected before.

 lock focus

Tip 4: Close and Open the Camera App Again

It may be that the camera app has some issues that don’t allow you to capture perfect photos. In such a case, what you can do is you can exit out of the Camera app and then re-launch it. Press the Home button twice and swipe up the camera app and it will be closed. Then, tap on the app on your homescreen and it will launch.

close camera app

Tip 5: Get Rid of Junk Files on iPhone

Junk files may also be culprit here that are causing the camera issues on your device. What you can do here is delete all of these unnecessary and junk files from your device and resolve the issue. But wait, there’s no file explorer on an iPhone to see and to remove these files. So, how do you go about doing that?

Well, there’s an app called Tenorshare iCareFone that can help you do the job. What the app does is it lets you get rid of all the junk files on your iPhone and make it fast as well as error-free. You just need to go to the iCarefone website and download and install the app on your computer. Then, plug in your iPhone to your computer and use the app to quickly scan for all the junk files and remove them from the device. This should help you resolve the focus issue with the camera on your iPhone 7.

 clean iphone junk files

If you still have the focus issue on your iPhone 7 camera, since your device is still under warranty, ask Apple for a replacement.

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