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iOS 14 vs Android:
Copy or Not?

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Aug 14th - Sep 7th

I Vote Yes
"lmao apple gave users widgets and folders just in 2020? :DDDD i member using those things on my galaxy s3 in 2013 :D"
"honestly, since Steve Jobs died Apple keeps either copying other phone companies like android or Samsung or Apple copies their own phone like what’s the different between iPhone 7 and 8"
"90% of those features was already on Samsung and Android, especially the Apple pen features. New to Apple user old to Samsung & Android users. Apple sits baxk and steal features but get a pass for it."
"A lot of these changes are new to iOS? I thought most of those features have been around since 2012 in most android phones. So how do people use iPhones as I have never owned iPhone?"
"iOS trying to look more like Android, while Android remain leading innovation and stand up"
"APPLE CANT COME UP WITH NEW STUFF!!!!! I’m an Apple user but I thinks it’s petty that Apple copied android!!"
I Vote No
"Android and Apple have copied each other for years. This whole “Android vs Apple” is stupid. Just pick the one you like more and keep it moving."
"Apple always do thing in their own way. That’s what makes them Apple…"
"So now that Apple added the feature we were moaning at them to add, we are now saying they just copied android and ignoring the great features..."
"iOS stole nothing form Android or others , THE WHOLE WORLD STOLE APPLES IDEA"
"Why compare? Apple only adds when it works for the ios. Widgets that all different make it look messy...oh wait thats so android ...well done! i love both os's so its all good fun!"
"What did Android steal from iOS? Android. The whole OS is based on the first iPhone OS. Booya."

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iOS 14


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