Top 4 iOS 10 Storage Manager to Free up iOS 10 Storage

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-11-18 / Update for  Cleanup iPhone

You may get tired of deleting files before taking new photos or recording a new video due to lack of storage space. Or when you want to load new music to your iOS device says that there is no more storage space available. So you need to manage iOS 10 devices to get more storage space.

There are many storage managers for you to manage your iphone,iPad and iPod touch. Below are top four free OS storage manage to free up more space by removing unwanted files on your device. Now let's follow this post to have a try.

Top 1: Tenorshare Free Tenorshare iCareFone

Tenorshare iCareFone is the best iOS 10 storage cleaner that can help you delete junk files, caches, logs, history. What's more, it can clean temporary files from your iOS 10 device, including iPhone, iPad, iPod. This is a remarkable feature that most of free program doesn't support. This program is able to execute lossless compression and by doing so, free up to 75% of memory space used by photos, manage and delete apps, recover storage, and increase the velocity of your device, making it run as a brand new one.

best cleaner


  • Quickly find and remove virus & all types of junk files to re-get a neat iOS device.
  • Remove app caches, app cookies, app temp files, app crash logs, downloaded temp files, photo caches, user storage files, iTunes Radio cache.
  • Compress photos without quality loss to release up to 70% of photos' storage.
  • Takes the most space storage on iPhone by big files management.
  • Manage and delete unwanted apps from iPhone in batch to free up storage.
  • It has a great performance, working really fast.


  • You must pay for the full version.

Top 2 : Umate iPhone Cleaner

Umate is a small iOS 10 memory cleaner that can help you clean up your iOS 10 device, including iPhone, iPad, iPod. It sweeps to keep your device clean not minding how much space it is able to create. It is also easy to use and it can free up spaces by removing unwanted caches, cookies and offline files.

small cleaner


  • It can analyze to show how much space is occupied by junk files.
  • It can remove temporal files created by iOS systems and third party apps.
  • Within one click, all the junk files will be deleted, thereby saving your time.
  • It ensures safety of data while cleaning your phone.
  • It is applicable in all versions of iOS 10 devices.


  • The free version doesn't support photos compression and large files deletion.

Top 3: iFreeUp

iFreeUp is an iOS cleaner that functions as a iPhone cleaner and can also be used to correct some configuration errors on your iDevice. It works by downloading and installing it on your computer, then connecting your iDevice to your computer before running the app. From your computer you can diagnose your device memory status and begin to wipe out anything you find unnecessary.

ios cleaner


  • 1-Click to eliminate junk files.
  • It boosts the performance of your device by deleting catches and log files.
  • It shreds deleted files to avoid possibilities of privacy compromise.
  • It ensures safety of data while cleaning your phone.
  • It can also be used to export files from your iDevice.


  • You must pay for the full version, and it's not free now.
  • It doesn't provide screencast.

Top 4: Macgo Free iPhone Cleaner for Mac

This app is one is a freeware which clean up space for iPhone, iPad, iPod and other iDevice when it comes to cleaning. Macgo Free iPhone Cleaner for Mac does not only clean catches, cookies, junk files and interrupted syncing files, it also guarantees the safety of your information when you are connected to unusual devices. However, actually it t is free by using it on only 1 Mac.

clean up space


  • It is very useful in keeping your device at the optimal performance level.
  • It can organize, configure and manage files and apps on your device.
  • It helps your phone to run smoothly by reclaiming storage space.


  • It may end up cleaning your important data.
  • It only supports Mac system.
  • It cannot clean temporary files

It is pertinent to mention here that the first app we discussed on "top 4 iOS 10 cleaner for free to make more iOS 10 storage" is our favorite. This is because Tenorshare iCareFone posses all the above features that are inherent in all these apps and many more features.