Our Editor Team

You may wonder who we are exactly? We’re the ones with new ideas, professional solutions and dedicated spirit. There is no aspect of technology that our editors are not concerned and passionate about, computers, Android phones, iPhone, AirPod, iPad, iWatch, Apple TV and even other up-to-date gadgets. They have more than decade year of writing and work experience on tech. With different backgrounds of our editors, readers always reap knowledge from them in daily life. Because, editors write and share technology knowledge they love.

Sophie Green


Sophie Green is a senior and prolific editor at Tenorshare. More than 10 years of writing experience in tech enables him to be the leading pilot in software industry. He always looks for the best in trendy gadgets from Apple to Android with impersonal and deep insight of what he has confronted with.

In the past decade, he has devoted himself as a specialist of computer. Yes, he uses Mac and Windows in the most of time. As for macOS issues analysis, he definitely gives you the accurate answer. If you have any questions about Mac, please don’t hesitate to drop him a line. Currently, he tries to provide professional solutions on macOS. He decides to have a lifetime geek lifestyle.


Anna Sherry


Anna Sherry is the editor-in-chief of Tenorshare. He has a B.A. in English Literature and has been working in writing technical articles for more then 10 years. Prior to be a member of Tenorshare, Anna is a Project Manager for internet and IT industry.

Tech Fields: Windows system issues, Windows data recovery, Windows news and products, Windows computer & security, how to tech, other tips and tricks.


Jenefey Aaron

Senior Editor

Jenefey Aaron has a Master’s degree in computer science and engineering. And now he is a professional writer who is expert in writing different types of tech articles. Similar questions like how to recover lost data from iPhone/Android or how to fix iOS system issue can be found in his articles.

Up to now, Jenefey Aaron has published more than 200 popular articles on Tenorshare.com, creating a complete solution system for various iPhone and Android issues. Before joining Tenorshare Software editor team, he has over 10 years of working experience in field of software and technology, it is his rich experience that makes his articles more readable.