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Disable UEFI Secure Boot in Windows 8/8.1

How to Disable UEFI Secure Boot in Windows 8/8.1

Nov. 25, 2014 10:57 am / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to Windows Tips
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On Windows 8, or 8.1 PCs using the UEFI ( in place of BIOS) boot standard, Secure Boot, a feature designed to prevent malicious software and unauthorized media from loading during the system start-up process, is enabled by default.

While UEFI secure boot provides an additional layer of security, it has become a bit of pain for people who want to dual boot, either with Linux or any other OS. Therefore, you are suggested to disable UEFI secure boot in Windows 8/8.1 for the following reasons:

How to Disable UEFI Secure Boot in Windows 8/8.1

To disable secure boot in UEFI settings, you need first of all to access UEFI settings, which is not as easy as accessing BIOS settings by simply pressing F10 or F12 at boot time. In the following content, we will give a detailed and complete introduction on how to turn off UEFI secure boot in Windows 8 & 8.1 PCs.

Step 1: Go to Windows 8/8.1 PC Settings

Swipe in from the right corner of the screen, and tap Settings. Within the "Settings" charm, you click on "Change PC settings".

how to disable secure boot in uefi

Step 2: Restart Advanced Startup

Under PC settings, there is a slight difference between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. for different versions, we do different to go to Advanced startup:

Windows 8 Under PC settings, go to General > Advanced startup > Restart now
Windows 8.1 Under PC settings, go to Update and recovery > Recovery > Advanced startup > Restart now

Step 3: Access UEFI Settings

Step 4: Disable UEFI Secure Boot Windows 8/8.1

But you should bear in mind that secure boot is of great help to protect users from rootkits and other low-level malware attacks. Don't disable UEFI secure boot unless you have to run operating systems that won't boot with secure boot enabled.

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