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A great Android repair tool

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is a great Android repair tool that can be used for fixing the Samsung logo. If you have Samsung stuck on logo after factory reset, then you can try to fix this problem using Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android.

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Professional program from Tenorshare

If you want to repair a Samsung phone froze and won’t turn on, Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is the method we highly suggest using for this professional program from Tenorshare can restore Samsung logo stuck with a single click.

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Most recommended way of solving all Android issues

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is the most recommended way of solving all Android issues. Plus, it is easy to use and ensures that you can also fix the issue where the phone is frozen. Below we have mentioned all the possible steps for using Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android.

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Fis Samsung stuck on logo

Is soft reset unavailable to repair your Samsung phone? Then please use Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android. If you want to fix a Samsung phone stuck on logo, Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is the most recommended way.

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Fix various issues on Android devices

Created by Tenorshare, this app helps troubleshoot and fix various issues on Android devices. One plus point about this app is that rooting your phone is unnecessary.



all-In-One toolbox

This software is great! It's not a super heavy-duty, but it works. Wonderfully. It's super easy to enter & Exit android fastboot mode by One-Click It's really easy to use. Also, their staff members are very friendly, nice and helpful.

tenorshare author jova 2019-09-03




the best repair app there is

I have used reiboot for my business for years, it helped me solve many android problems, and I'm considering to purchase the iOS one as some of my customers also have iOS devices.

tenorshare author Hayk Lucine 2019-09-02




Great free feature

I'm not a tech-savy person and cannot tell apart from fastboot mode, recovery mode and download mode, this software helped me enter and exit them easily, thanks a lot.

tenorshare author Henrik Vartan 2019-08-30




Nice Experience!

It's a nice experience to use reiboot, thanks for your great software, it helped me fix my Samsung galaxy s8.

tenorshare author Sarkis Ani 2019-08-30




worth each star

As far as I can tell the app works. it is doing good, or just above the average, I would say YOU WILL HAVE TO EARN EACH STAR

tenorshare author peter 2019-08-15





it's a great tool and it doesn't mess up my phone and it does its job so cool~~thanks guys great job on this one!

tenorshare author miyuki 2019-08-14




good job!

I was trying to install a custom ROM, but got stuck into CWM boot loop ADN my phone has been showing the "downloading..." screen for over an hour, I found this software through the introduction of a friend. It is this software that allows me to enter the android download mode with one click. thanks!

tenorshare author yoshii 2019-08-08




handy tool!

My phone can't be detected, mi pc suite told that I've to update my device before connecting, In desperation, I found this software, it helped me fix the problem, and it is free! thanks!

tenorshare author Belly 2019-08-07





My samsung tab cannot detect sim card without notice, sometimes is unable to use non-Wi-Fi connections to access the Internet. all in all, it is a nerve-wracking mobile phone, I found this software by chance, It helped me solve the problem

tenorshare author Steve 2019-08-02




mini yet powerful

my huawei cannot connect to wifi even checking router name and password, all in all, l, in no avail at all! soooo discouraging,! Can you imagine how monotonous it is without wifi, I hope this kind of thing will never happen again. afterward, i just flick through a website called 9 to five, If I remember correctly, it is probably the name. my huawei was repaired by this mini tool, magic happens, my phone gives back to normal track again!

tenorshare author parneet 2019-08-01



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