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Samsung Phone Is OK Now
by Susan Zetty

Before I met ReiBoot for Android. My Galaxy s9 keeps flashing with its home screen. First, I have reached out to Samsung customer, but nothing helped. Amazingly with ReiBoot Android, It helps me fix my phone. Really Thanks ^_^

Works like magic!
by Jay Chou

Hey, thank you very much for this amazing software. It really works and wouldn't lose any data. That's what I want!!!

Very helpful :) Thank you.
by Donnie Feels

Amazing... I found myself stuck in the fastboot mode and I just bought and turn it on to fix my Samsung Galaxy, but I followed instructions and... VOILÁ!! God bless you! All is well.

Thanks <3
by Gremelin

This software is worth the price. And thanks for the tutorial about headphone mode it helps me a lot!!!

Good clean tool for Samsung
by Jasmine

I have tried lots of different ways to clean my Samsung cache. But only this best app with one click(I have found) feature. Clean well!!! My Samsung runs smoother than ever.!!

Thanks alottt...
by Revi

System UI isn't Responding on my Samsung s10. Wow thanks a lot thanks a lot for this reiboot.

Android 9 running well !!!
by CreamyA

I factory reset my phone twice but still freezes, automatically restarting, even ask for help from Samsung didn't work. But ReiBoot for Android really help me fix this problem.

Not Bad
by D-dove

This tool really works, but this super software cannot be applied to my cousin phone, who uses Huawei. Hahahahah

by Godinho

Thank you very much, you really saved me. It worked right here.

Thanks U
by Ciara

Recently my iPhone always keeps on sending me to recovery mode! I can't handle it!! And I force restart but nothing helps. Thank you, you just saved my phone!!

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