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Free tool
by Anush

I searched for a tool to backup and restore my data, however, almost all of the results are programs need to be paid. Only iCareFone is the one can do my requirement free, it's great!

useful tool
by Eugenia

It can quickly and safely add or remove any application, back up the system and much more

Transfer My WhatsApp MESSAGES from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S10
by Linda

I bought new Samsung Galaxy S10, and use this tool to transfer my WhatsApp messages from my old iPhone 8 to new Galaxy S10. Though the process is a little complicated, but as long as the data is not lost, it's worth it.

by dora

Unlike iTunes, iCareFone allows you to select specific files to backup to your pc.

Much convenient than iTunes and iCloud
by dora

I bought a new iPhone yesterday, i used tenorshare to transfer my whatsapp messages from old iphone to new iphone successfully, no need to back up and re-install the whatsapp, very simply!

perhaps some of the tedious tasks will become easier when I know the software ...
by Sergio

I have an iPhone with 150+ notes that I've collected over the last ten years, ALSO, it is where the problem lies in. helpfully, i ended up migrating the data from my new phone effortlessly with this application that more than enough for my use.

WhatsApp transfer fast and simply
by Adi

I changed a new android and I want to transfer my WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android without any backup. I don't want to make thing become more complicated, you know. And I found this iCareFone by chance and it just the one which I'm looking for.

by Lee

I change to a new android and i want to transfer my WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to android. I think the official methods are complicated and I have to backup first for the most solutions which make me upset. With iCareFone which searched, I can transfer them with one click without any backup. It's simple and it works well.

The best!
by Kucera

this program works flawlessly, allowing me to manually choose what file I needed from iphone 6 selectively to another new phone, maybe it works far superior to Apple software

Do What U Want
by peter

A very practical and user-friendly program! for that My music library has been transferred to my new phone without any omission

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