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Good new feature
by Ulyen

Wow, the new feature is amazing. I find all my iphone’s data in iCareFone’s file manager, which can be easily accessed in Android phone. I deleted some unknown files and hope this will free up my iPhone space. I don't think I've seen this feature before. The tenorshare team is really serious about their software.

good tool
by tfdget

My phone's SIM card slot got stuck and when I had to take it in for repair my friend reminded me that it was better to back up my phone first. He recommended this software to me and it worked so well. With just a few simple clicks, my data was backed up to my computer and now I can go fix my phone with no worries.

so quick
by dera

I wanted to transfer music from my Samsung phone to my iPhone. I tried many methods, none of which I thought was efficient and convenient, then I watched Tenorshare's video on the YouTube. And I downloaded the software and followed the video step by step, and it only took me 10 minutes to finish it.

love it
by rfdfff

I love this software. This software can help me in many data transfer tasks. So easy with it. For example, I transferred my brother’s photos from my Mom’s phone to my Dad’s phone with just several clicks (Maybe 2-3). Needless to say that it can export photos to pc with only a click.

Easy to use
by bnyhgty

I used iCareFone to backup my iPhone 12 last time and yesterday I got the new iPhone 13. iCareFone restored all my iPhone 12 data to my new iPhone 13. It’s amazing and easy to use. I will not uninstall it. Thank you!

powerful tool
by jkihgtj

I didn’t know why My iPhone cannot be detected by my Mac as the error “ A device attached is not working” always occurs. I didn’t have enough iPhone storage and need to transfer all my iPhone photos to my Mac. I got this software from my teammate and it helped me a lot.

Wonderful and Effective iCareFone!
by Olivia

This product is wonderful and worth every $. It allowed me to reset and rebuild my I-Phone and at this time I am good and no longer need this subscription to auto renew. THANK YOU

by vgasde

I got a new iPhone 13 and need to backup my old iPhone 12. I tried iCloud and iTunes, both of which are not user-friendly. I need to pay every month to get larger iCloud storage. And I even don’t know how to use iTunes. icareFone can help me backup my old iPhone 12 and restore them to my new iPhone 13 with only several steps. Great!

like it
by kcnw

I found Move to iOS always stuck at many situations!! I just want to transfer my 8000 photos from Android to iPhone. But iCareFone made this. I transferred all my android photos via iCareFone “Import” function! Really like it.

by lmzr

I don’t know how to transfer my itunes songs library to my iphone, and my friend recommend me this app. Actually I’ve tried it on my friend’s computer and found it convenient. So I bought this too cuz I need always to transfer my itunes songs library to my phone!

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