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It works very well
by sunil

Love this app really helps me be sneaky for location tracking apps.

It works for me!
by Daniel

I got my strongest pokemon using this tool!!

Well Done
by summer

Finally, I can play Pokemon Go easier, it's fun!!!

Wow...this is amazing tool
by Daniela

I'm happy that I found a way to catch pokemon at home by using the teleport and GPS functions!

best alternative to iSpoofer
by pokemon fan

My account got hit with 30-day ban using iSpoofer, so i am looking for a better alternative tool. iAnyGo is very easy to use and is able to spoof pokemon go. But you still need to take care of your account.

fake live location on WhatsApp
by Aethelbert

I do not want to share my live location, so it's a good idea to send a fake GPS location on WhatsApp using this iAnyGo!

change Tinder location
by Sam

I want to meet people from all over the world,but the Tinder only recommends people around me. With this tool, I can easily change iPhone location so that I have more chances to make new friends.

cheat pokemon go
by sastill89

i can catch pokemon at home with this software!!!

Worth the money
by Joyce Andrade

That's awesome tricks, I can catch pokemon without leaving my house.

This trick really work
by Danny

Just helping my husband cheat at Pokémon Go like a good partner

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