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You'll not be disappointed!
by Luca

exceeded all of my expectations. It was very helpful to engage in the game process. I'm a picky customer, and I can recommend this program to whoever needs it.

Works on Pokemon GO
by Christie

A very useful software, it is absolutely no problem to use it to play pokemon go

by Polita

Very happy with this program! Been Pokemon go walking all round the world, with no issues, just like being there, picking up regionals, walking around the streets, and raiding.. So relieved and thankful that no jail break is required!

Friendly user interface and easy to use!
by Scott R

This software has a very friendly user interface and is easy to use. Does exactly what it says it will do regarding letting you choose where you want your location to show. Great for Pokeman or for whatever else suits your needs. I highly recommend it.

Very user friendly
by church

If you want to modify the positioning of Apple devices, then this software can definitely help you.

Clear guide and useful program
by Peter Gibson

It works and is easy to operate!

Thank you
by Betty

A very useful modification and positioning software!

Fantastic Joystick!
by Berat

joystick movement is so easy to use! I can play pokemon go without going out anymore!

by Rosina

Best iPhone location spoofing tool!

Got a Pokémon ban!
by Eric

Loved using it for catching Pokémon I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to catch. Adhered to the cool down periods and it was going really well but opened my game at the weekend and was faced with a 7 day ban so they are now able to detect players who are using this. Looking online, they have banned a load of players using this and other applications so take care. Tenorshare, are you aware of this? Do you update security to assist in avoiding detection or is it a case of ianygo is now detectable by Pokémon?

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