Reasons to Jailbreak your iOS device

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2019-07-25 / Update for  iPhone Tips

“Jailbreaking” your iPhone, even the name of the process sounds cool. It makes you sound like an outlaw. In fact you sort of are if you crack your iOS devices out of the Apple ecosystem of iOS and iTunes.

It’s not strictly speaking legal. Although as the owner of the device you are within your rights to do what you like with it, Apple frowns on customers who mess with the system. But all that aside is is safe and what risks are you running? And why would you even want to do it in the first place?

Jailbreaking is not for you. Seriously, it’s not meant for you, unless you are a developer. Jailbreaking stopped being a way developers could test their software and mess with the operating system of the iPhone and iPad, and started being a way you could customise your device and get games and apps which didn’t pass Apple’s massively stringent testing process.

 jailbreaking your ios device

But you know what is cooler than testing software? Having a custom lock screen. Yep, customisation is what draws a lot of people into the jailbreaking gang.

But what are the real reasons people jailbreak iPhones. For fun? For gaming? To look cool? All of the above and more. It’s not just about being one of the cool kids, although some things are very, very cool.

Customisation is the main reason people hack their iPhones. Adding an additional icon to the dock for example so you can have five in a row. You can hack the carrier logo and splash screen to make the phone truly your own. You can even change the system font.

But as well as purely cosmetic changes you can have real changes of operation. Tethering is not allowed by some carriers, and yet as this is a mere internal switch you can fool the phone into allowing other devices to use its Internet. And you can make WiFi only apps work over the mobile broadband too.

But the most popular reason to jailbreak is to get access to apps which are not authorised by Apple. The official app store is bursting with apps, but there are more out there for the more adventurous gamer and phone user.

      1. But Is It safe to Jailbreak iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6/SE/5S/5 and iPad?

Well of course for the most part the Apple hardware is bulletproof and very little you can do to the device will harm it. What can go wrong with the jailbreaking process is that if there is any interruption when the firmware is being written or a glitch on restart, or a slightly corrupted file, you can get into a difficult situation.

The phone can get into a loop, it can freeze, it can lock, and there’s always the dreaded red screen of death. So is there any way you can insure against this kind of damage. After all if you “brick” your iPhone there’s not much than can be done.

Well there is actually. You can use magical software like Tenorshare ReiBoot to restore your iPhone into recovery mode. You can do this with a touch of a button. This saves you time and embarrassment going into an Apple store with a bricked phone and having to answer the question “what happened?” The answer to that can’t be “I was jailbreaking my iPhone”.

exit recovery mode

For a small fee you can upgrade Tenorshare iCareFone to allow repair and backup of your iPhone and also installation of official firmware to overwrite any dodgy hacks. You can also use it to transfer files to and from your iPhone without having to use iTunes.

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