4uKey - Password Manager allows you to find and recover Wi-Fi password, website & app login password, mail accounts, credit card info and Apple ID accounts & passwords and Screen Time passcode stored on your iPhone and iPad. It supports the latest iOS 17 and iPhone 15/15 Pro/15 Pro Max, and iPads.

Step 1 Connect iOS Device to Computer/Mac

Download and install 4uKey - Password Manager on your computer or Mac, launch the program to get started. Then connect your iPhone/iPad to computer with the USB cable.

4ukey password manager main interface

Then unlock your device and trust it on the computer you've connected. The program will remind you as below:

4ukey password manager - unlock your device and trust this computer

Step 2 Start Scanning Device to Find iOS Passwords

The software will detect your device automatically and display your device information. Click "Start Scan" button to scan and find all passwords stored on your device.

4ukey password manager - start scanning

If the iTunes backup has password, 4uKey - Password Manager will detect and ask to enter the backup password. If not, enter the temporary-set password (a) to process. It will be deleted after restart the device.

4ukey password manager - enter backup password

It may take some time, but please keep calm and wait until the scanning process is finished.

4ukey password manager - scanning passwords

Step 3 Preview the Passwords

After scanning, all the accounts and passwords of Wi-Fi, saved websites in Safari, apps, mails, credit card and Apple ID account will be displayed by category.

Find Screen Time passcode:

4ukey password manager - screen time passcode


4uKey - Password Manager can only scan the screen time passcode on iOS 12 and below. Otherwise, it is recommended to use another 4uKey tool to remove it without data loss.

Find saved Wi-Fi passwords:

4ukey password manager - wifi passwords

Find saved Website & App passwords:

4ukey password manager - website and app passwords

Find saved Mail accounts:

4ukey password manager - mail account

Find saved credit card information:

4ukey password manager - credit card info

Find Apple ID and password:

4ukey password manager - apple id account and password


4uKey - Password Manager can find the Apple ID password which was logged within 5 minutes.

Step 4 Export iOS passwords

You can export the passwords on your iOS devices in a csv file for 1Password, Chrome, LastPass, Keeper, and Dashlane, or in a custom csv file. Save it to your computer for later viewing or use.

4ukey password manager - export passwords

Video iPhone Password Finder - 4uKey Password Manager

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