BIOS/UEFI Settings: How to Boot Computer from USB Drive

In this guide, we will tell you how to set computer boot from USB drive and BIOS Hot Key you need to know.

Part 1. BIOS/UEFI Hot Key for Different Computers

While enabling your computer to boot from USB, you need to enter the UEFI or BIOS from your computer and change the settings. Different keys are used for different computers. Select your device and press the keys according to your computer model.

Laptop Desktop Assembled Computer
Laptop Brand Boot Key Desktop Brand Boot Key Motherboard Brand Boot Key
Acer F12 Acer F12 Soyo ESC/F12
Dell F12 Dell ESC Spark ESC
Lenovo F12 Lenovo F12 Biostar F9
Hasee F12 Hasee F12 Onda F11
Haier F12 Haier F12 Foxconn ESC/F12
Founder F12 Founder F12 Topstar F11/F12
THTF F12 THTF F12 Maxsun ESC
HP F9 HP F12 Seethru ESC/F11
BenQ F9 BenQ F8 Yeston F8
Apple Option Apple Option Intel F12
ThinkPad F12     ASRock F11
Toshiba F12     Unika ESC
Samsung F12     ASL F10
IBM F12     ECS ESC/F11
Fujitsu F12     Gamen F11/F12
MSI F11     MSI F11
Gateway F12     Jetway ESC
eMachines F12        
Sony ESC        

Part 2: 2 Ways to Set Computer Boot from USB Drive

Select the keys according to your laptop model and operate the steps one by one.

From USB Device in BIOS/UEFI as First Boot Device Priority.

Suppose it's an ASUS framework. Start the PC and hit the UEFI key ('F2'/'DEL') for getting into the 'UEFI BIOS Utility' interface.

  • Hit 'Exit/Advanced Mode' fasten and afterward affirm your activities to continue.

    asus uefi boot advanced mode
  • Select 'Boot' from the sub-menu and find 'Boot Option Priorities'. Under that, select 'Boot Option #1' and afterward hit on 'Enter' key.
  • From the popup window pick 'USB streak drive' trailed by hitting the 'Enter' keys.

    asus usb boot advanced mode

After that select the 'F10' key and save all the changes.

Windows Computers with BIOS

  • Plugin the USB flash drive with your Windows framework.
  • Restart/turn on PC and press BIOS key ('F2'/'Esc'/'DEL') to get into 'Profiles Setup Utility'.
  • After this, go to the 'Boot choice' tab and pick 'Boot gadget Priority'. Select 'USB drive or USB HDD or Removable Device' as the first boot gadget here.

    bios usb boot device priority

After that select the 'F10' key and save all the changes.

Example of Phoenix Award BIOS

  • Tap 'DEL' and enter BIOS settings during PC startup. Presently, get into the 'Boot' sub-menu utilizing the bolt keys.
  • Next, you have to utilize '+' or '- ' keys drag the 'Removable Devices/USB gadget' to the primary spot. Tap on the 'F10' key later on to spare and leave the boot menu.

    phoenix award boot usb drive

From USB Device Using Boot Menu

Here we will clarify booting PC through Boot Menu. Here is the ticket:

  • Interface the USB streak drive to your PC and turn it on.
  • Snap the 'Boot Option Key' ('F8'/'F12'/'Esc') consecutive, on observing the seller logo on screen.
  • After observing the 'Boot Menu' select 'USB Disk' or 'UEFI: USB Disk' for booting the framework.

    usb drive boot menu

Examples for setting computer boot from a USB device

1. Setting an HP PC from USB gadget:

Plug-in USB streak drives to PC and afterward start/restart the PC. Hit the 'F9' key, when the HP logo shows up on your PC screen. Press the 'Boot Device Options' and pick the 'USB streak drive' alternative there.

2. Set Dell (PC) from USB gadget:

Interface USB drive to PC followed by beginning or restarting the PC. Hit the 'F12' key to enter Boot Menu, when it shows up on the screen. Pick the 'USB streak drive' choice here.

3. On Acer PC setting boot from USB gadget:

Plug-in the USB drive and afterward start/restart your PC. After observing the Acer logo, tap 'F12' to get into 'Boot Menu'. Pick 'USB streak drive' for booting PC from that point.

Afer you have fully learned about BIOS settings and how to boot from USB, then continue to jailbreak your iOS device on Windows and then bypass your iCloud Activation Lock.