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Thank u~
by Reeve

Thank you for this software for successfully repairing the black screen of my iPhone. After the repair is completed, this problem does not pop up anymore.

Problem got fixed!
by Cherry Wilkins

Thanks a lot!!! Bravo! The problem with my phone has got fixed, though it’s taking some time for me to get my phone back to its original shape.

ReiBoot worked great
by Stone Payton

The product worked great, and the features are so helpful as well as good.

Fix face id not working
by Burnett

I like this app, it has a simple design and steps to follow, I used it to fix face ID not working on my phone successfully.

Enter Recovery Mode Easily
by Levine

The easy-to-use iphone software can help me easily enter the recovery mode.

Fixed no sound on iPhone 12
by Payne

Successfully fixed no sound on iPhone 12, thanks~

It repaired my phone!
by Tristan Claire

My phone is repaired. I found that my iTunes was corrupt. I had to use a third party program to completely remove iTunes. I downloaded the latest version. Then I opened ReiBoot and ran standard repair. It repaired my phone the first try. Prior to this I had tried Standard repair at least 10 times over 3 days. Your program saved me for a second time.

No updates available Fixed!
by Brown

It helps me to fix update my iPhone when it says no updates available, thank you!

Efficiently fixing system issues
by Archie

Fixing my iPhone issues has never felt this easy. My issues got solved and it helps me keep my iPhones perfectly running.

Thank you so much~
by Foster

A very good software, it can solve the problem of my iPad stuck in reboot loop in a few simple steps. I used it to fix my iPad successfully.

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