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by alisa

My iPhone updated to 13.0 and had issues with a restart loop. I purchased the iOS System Repair tool, and it perfectly did its job, although it is a bit pricey, it is worth it!

Great product at a great price
by Roy

I could not activate my license, so I send a mail to the support team and within 24 hours I received a link with the newest version of the program. Excellent support!!

by Dan

I got an amazing iOS repair software and not sure about the bad reviews. I've had good luck with everything I've ordered and also have good experience with the tech support. i convinced that people who it worked for wouldn't normally come here to say it worked. Worked perfectly guys~

Worked perfectly
by Paula

My phone was declared useless by the Apple store and I was given a $260 replacement cost. My phone was stuck in restore mode. Apple store could not revive it. 2 minutes with the free version of the program and my phone was once again working with all data still unscathed. Saved me 260 for a repair the Genius Bar couldn’t perform after 30 minutes of trying.

by Kyle

Thanks so much for fixing my phone keeps dropping wifi after ios 13 beta update. Before that I used a lot of methods, there was no effect other than reiboot, i think this is the best tool I ever met.

Prompt service
by anton

This tool is over and above. I'll certainly take my next device here for service when the inevitable repair once again.

by tina

HONESTLY! I have repaired my iPad issues. it crashed and went into recovery mode when I was abroad and with only cellular data. The best I've ever used! The most advanced repair system apps. Although it is a bit pricey, it is worth it!

by alex

MY iPhone xr couldn't turn off CIRCULAR DATA I FIND this tool to help me get out of the odd and endless abnormality, It worked out of the box, how magic this tool is.

So far pretty good
by ben

I failed in the updated iOS system and stuck in dfu mode. By using this software, the problem is easy to be solved only need one click. The software could automatically enter and exit dfu mode. It is an easy way to handle my problem.

The older, the wiser...)
by lee

for no apparent reason, maybe my mobile phone is a little old, or I accidentally got wet on a rainy day. In short, there is something wrong with my mobile phone. as it still stuck in setup mode unable to activate, I have been to the repair shop, but those guys are not very experienced. Finally, I found this software. it is HE THAT helped me bypass this problem.

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