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I’ve updated to iOS 13.4, and I can’t swipe to delete a notification. It's weird that I swipe to delete the notification, the camera will open and on the other side, the "Today" screen appears. I know I should wait some time. Thanks for using ReiBOOT before that now I can fix iOS 13.4 AGAIN. It's still great and useful.

It's both on my iPad and iPhone
by Lativ

Use reiboot to solve iPad and iPhone 7P with black screen after updating to iOS 13.1.3. Paid money, and very regret to update. But both of them get normal. Without much words but thanks

Well I think it's good
by George Spencer

Trying to delete all voicemail but keeps saying they aren't be deleted, try many ways but none of them works, only get help with this software. Can you hear the sound of thank you from me!

Still Useful
by Zoom

Not the first time for me to face Calendar app crashing from time to time. But I remenber reiboot which I have purchased last year that helped me solve my iphone 11 as well. Until now it still works to fix my iphone again. Bravo.

Well I Can Receive iMessages on iPhone 11
by Dan Burkland

Recently got a new phone, but after a few days my messages are gone, and people can't text me. Luck with ReiBoot, it really work. Thx all of people help me with my problem.

Thx very much
by Satish

I have spent so much on iPhone 11, but a bug, Black Camera of death in the recent iOS release 13.3.1. I loved what I bought in Tenorshare. Thx this helpful software.

Performs as Advertised
by Larry Mehefko

My wife has an older iPad mini 2 that has been neglected for years. She has always wanted to use it for simple things like email, calendaring, and IMs with friends and family. I decided to bring it back, clean it up, and get a new case for her this Valentine's Day. I tried to upgrade iOS to 9.3.6 (the latest for that hardware), and the upgrade failed and resulted in a continuous loop in recovery mode. I tried most everything I could find about recovery from that type of failure, and nothing seemed to work. I happened to find your software and it promised to repair all of the things I thought might be wrong with her device. I bought the software, and connected the iPad to my PC, and ran the repair feature from recovery mode. 10 Minutes later my wife's iPad was upgraded to the latest firmware, and booted cleanly. I estimate I would have spent way too much time trying to research and repair these issues, but your software took care of them in about 10 minutes with no data loss. (My wife had family pics and other things that she really wanted to keep, and I'm glad we could get the recovery done with no data loss whatever.) Your software does what it is advertised to do, at a very reasonable price.

call for it
by Aditya

I purchased iPhone 11 1 month agao, and the phone is always keeping dropping again and again when a call's coming. I sent it to Apple customer center, but they just update and the problem is not yet solved. but luck, I contact with customer sevice of tenorshare, although first time it didn't help my problem, after I have tried a scond time, the problem was really solve. I love the one who helps me fix the problem. Thx. Anyway, all of data on my iPhone have been erased completely. I need to recover it.

iPhone saver
by Steve

Well, this tool is very amazing. i don't know what's wrong with my iPhone 11. I go to Apple, but the staff just told me it should be return to repair. I don't have much time to wait it repaired by Apple. Just happened to that I was on business, I couldn't miss any phone calls. So, I found this tool. I will remember this tool. Reiboot.

Reparar sistema iOS
by Estefania

Reparar sistema iOS