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Very good to use
by Shubh Bhagat

I think it was a fantastic software I found. Easy to navigate this software. First, I have failed to use to downgrade iOS 14 beta 2 to iOS 13.5.1. Then they told me to try again. And it did what it said.

Update # June 15 2020
by C Simon

All problems have been resolved after I tried the software and it is absolutely no ads at all. If the devs could make it an app on App Store, I would like to keep it all the time for my iPhone 7+ can fight for more than 2 years.

by Rini

I just found this software and tested it our with my iPhone Before using this, I keep having issues with mail apps crashing. As of now that my iPhone SE 2 Gen is working very well considering iPhone always comes with bugs. I will share this software to my family group because it had down wonders on my iPhone SE 2 Gen

Free and Works
by Matthew Allison

The free version works very well when fixing the iphone. Very easy to use and straight forward.

this is helpful
by Tsai Chi

This is helpful. don't have to go to apple center to seek help. Don't need to make my data loss, it's very great for me.

Works great
by Megan Sromek

It would be nice if the price will be more cheaper. The guideline is clear for me to use this tool. Sometimes with slow speed, hopefully it will become more fast.

by laurie

woow, this tool is extremely amazing. my outlook keeps crashing all the time. i have tried! So, I try reiboot new thing to address my iPhone 11. Really amazing!

One of my favorite software
by Simon Chung

Recommended by a friend two years ago, I thought it was a very junk software. Contrary to the results, every time the phone gets stuck, just use it. In this epidemic, problems with mobile phones were still solved with it. I bought it right.

very nice in fact
by Babou

i've been always using this tool and today my iPhone eleven safari can not play youtube. It's very awful for iOS 13.4 not being tested well and launched it so fast. the feature of " fix all ios system" is so powerful. and i like the UI of reiboot. very easy, simple to use.

Excellent to use as iPhone Security Housekeeper
by Kerrie

First of all. I use iPhone 11 Pro. I really love my phone. But since updating to iOS 13.4. So many bugs appeared with it. But reiboot is the good repairing system software, I use standard mode to repair my lover, so easy and very smart. I really really love it.