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Best Buy
by cheukyin.lee

I have purchase Tenorshare ReiBoot (Mac Version)- 1 month/1-5 devices. The program is amazing and I would like to upgrade and purchase the permanent version.

My iPhone battery drained so fast
by Tina

When I upgraded my iPhone 11 to the newest iOS 14.6, I noticed that the battery drained so fast that it was fully charged in the morning and half-full by noon. I checked that the battery Settings were fine, tried rebooting the phone and other options, and finally chose this software without worrying about data loss.

works perfectly
by Laura

Yesterday my iPhone6 is just stuck in the circle when I try to turn it on. I tried to restart it and tried every solution I can but all failed. When I’m gonna throw away my old iPhone6(just kidding), my friend recommended me this app and I tried it without any hope, but!!!!this app surely works, my phone is back to normal now. Thanks!!!!!

Best method
by Matthew

My iPhone 11 was stuck on the recovery mode loop for a long period. I tried different methods. Forced restart my iPhone 11 and did other things. Nothing seemed to be working and I almost gave up. Even other methods on other websites didn't work. I tried Tenorshare ReiBoot and everything went back to normal within a few minutes.

Easy to use
by Wesley

I am a complete novice when dealing with iPhone and most other gadgets. So, when I had issues with my iPhone 12, I just couldn't think of the right thing to do. But my son told me to download ReiBoot and tried to use it. Thankfully, the tool is easy to use so I didn't need any experience or software skill. Thank you. -

Awesome software
by Jane

After updating some of the apps on my device, my iPhone screen refused to turn on. I tried everything but no solution. To be candid, I panicked because I thought the device won't be useful again. During my internet search, I came across Reiboot. This software helped me to solve the problem. And I am very happy.

Good service!
by Yusuf Djamila

The customer service is excellent.

Like it
by Alia

I updated the YouTube app on my iPhone X, but it just got stuck. I try to delete it and install it again. And it still stopped at waiting…What's wrong with it? I'm afraid my twitter, facebook apps have this same problem. Thanks to Reiboot, I fixed it. More important, I don't have to erase my data, saving me the risk of having to recover and possibly lose it.

I fixed my Apple TV at home by myself
by Adam

I fixed my Apple TV at home by myself. It’s so amazing. I was enjoying my movie night with Apple TV, it suddenly turned green. I had no idea about it. I wanted to contact apple for repair, but it was so inconvenient and expensive. Anyway, it's already like this, so I found solutions on the Internet first. Then I found the article introducing Apple green screen problems and tried every way before downloading Reiboot. Unexpectedly, a few clicks on the computer solved my problem.

Totally worth it.
by lyn

My iPhone 12 was stuck on the Apple logo for no reason. Tried restart and other ways on the website but in vail. I really don’t want to lose photos on my phone. Then I found Reiboot. It repaired my iPhone in just 5 minutes and I can now use it as nothing happens.

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