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by alex

MY iPhone xr couldn't turn off CIRCULAR DATA I FIND this tool to help me get out of the odd and endless abnormality, It worked out of the box, how magic this tool is.

So far pretty good
by ben

I failed in the updated iOS system and stuck in dfu mode. By using this software, the problem is easy to be solved only need one click. The software could automatically enter and exit dfu mode. It is an easy way to handle my problem.

The older, the wiser...)
by lee

for no apparent reason, maybe my mobile phone is a little old, or I accidentally got wet on a rainy day. In short, there is something wrong with my mobile phone. as it still stuck in setup mode unable to activate, I have been to the repair shop, but those guys are not very experienced. Finally, I found this software. it is HE THAT helped me bypass this problem.

By Percy
by P. Cave

I'm not sure I fully understand the technology here, but I sure appreciate the fact that this tool help solve my problem (Black Screen). For my purposes, a wonderful tool indeed.

it is worth it!
by jack

It worked out of the box, I have repaired an iPhone 8 which kept going on and off and wouldn't go to the main screen. The most advanced repair system apps. Although it is a bit pricey, it is worth it!

by armando

I think manually enter recovery mode is so complicated. This software allows me to enter recovery mode with one click. What a convenient!

strongly recommended

my iphone 6s cannot connect to itunes store. i have been looking for a solution. From what little I can find online. so discouraging! I happened to find this software by chance. It was a surprise because It is because of it that my mobile phone can connect to Itunes normally.

ReiBoot, fixes your iPhone FREE and actually works too.
by Kamryn

So looking at this product at first, I was skeptical but after countless hours of searching for a solution I decided to give it a try. The interface is very simple and it has very straightforward instructions! I plugged my iPhone in to exit Recovery Mode after a botched update from iTunes and after literal seconds it restored my phone and was able to boot it up and get it in perfectly working condition! This program definitely works and I'm glad it did, take my word for it!

Better than ever!!
by dkiahi

I just wanted to say that the 1- click to exit recovery mode feature in the reiboot is the most powerful function I have encountered for. The whole process is easy to handle even the technic green bird can grasp it effortlessly.

by Joko Widodo

after being very frustrated with my iPhone 7 plus failed to verify during updating...it's just one click and everything back to life........

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