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by Petros Anush

It works great to fix my samsung black screen of death, and I think I will never need to go to the local repair center as I can do it by myself now.

It's what everyone needs!
by Almast Bedros

If you are an android phone user, then I think you must have this software, it has helped me solve so many system issues.

all-In-One toolbox
by jova

This software is great! It's not a super heavy-duty, but it works. Wonderfully. It's super easy to enter & Exit android fastboot mode by One-Click It's really easy to use. Also, their staff members are very friendly, nice and helpful.

the best repair app there is
by Hayk Lucine

I have used reiboot for my business for years, it helped me solve many android problems, and I'm considering to purchase the iOS one as some of my customers also have iOS devices.

Great free feature
by Henrik Vartan

I'm not a tech-savy person and cannot tell apart from fastboot mode, recovery mode and download mode, this software helped me enter and exit them easily, thanks a lot.

Nice Experience!
by Sarkis Ani

It's a nice experience to use reiboot, thanks for your great software, it helped me fix my Samsung galaxy s8.

worth each star
by peter

As far as I can tell the app works. it is doing good, or just above the average, I would say YOU WILL HAVE TO EARN EACH STAR

by miyuki

it's a great tool and it doesn't mess up my phone and it does its job so cool~~thanks guys great job on this one!

good job!
by yoshii

I was trying to install a custom ROM, but got stuck into CWM boot loop ADN my phone has been showing the "downloading..." screen for over an hour, I found this software through the introduction of a friend. It is this software that allows me to enter the android download mode with one click. thanks!

handy tool!
by Belly

My phone can't be detected, mi pc suite told that I've to update my device before connecting, In desperation, I found this software, it helped me fix the problem, and it is free! thanks!

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