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by Sabella

It is a whole package. I can mirror phone to my computer, I can control my mobile from PC, I can take screenshots, record screens, send tesxt messages. All done on my PC. I think I will recommend this great software to my friends.

In general, the software is very good.
by Julianna

There is no lag, and my mobile screen is immediately displayed on the computer after I click on mirroring. But honestly, the problem is that it need upgrading because there is no sound when I record my screen. I hope you can improve it soon. In general, the software is very good.

SO Happy
by Marlynn

I was looking for ways to connect my samsung phone to my laptop so i can use my mobile on the laptop. Thanks to Google, I found Phone Mirror. And I install and open this program so easily and without any ads. It works as what I thought. And I am very happy to found a useful software.

by Thad

Thumb up for PhoneMirror. You guys have created a very good software. I love its mirror and screenshots feature. It captures my mobile screen so easily. And it really make my life more convenient. Again, thank you.

Not bad.
by William

Phone Mirror is a useful software. It does mirroring without having to download any apps on my mobile phone. That's one of the things I like about this app. Besides, Its basic functions are still very good, but I hope to continue to upgrade

by Louise

I love this Phone Mirror......It is a good app on my laptop......It helps me make the task easy because I need to use my laptop to work while texting on my mobile. I dont need to change between laptop and mobile which makes me more busy. Now I just need to mirror and control my phone on the laptop. And highly recommed to people who have seen this review.

get the job done
by Maudie

It gets the job Done. I am looking for an app for android screen mirror function. I can do a lot of things on my mi phone from my pc now. Reading books, texting to my friends, playing Dots, taking screenshots......and by now i dont find any delay. Generally I was very satisfied with it.

by Odin

This will become one of my favorite apps for screen mirroring my phone to my computer. 5 Stars for you.

Enjoy it a lot
by Barbra

Thank you for introducing this nice android screen mirror program to me. I am actually enjoy it a lot. It is very timely and without delay when I use it to mirror my moto phone. I hope it have more choice for free use.

It helps me a lot
by Darleen

This software is one that I like. It helps me a lot. I think I will use this Phone Mirror very often to mirror my Samsung phone to my laptop. Thank you very much for developing this software.

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