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Tenorshare Phone Mirror

Tenorshare Phone Mirror (Mac)


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Tenorshare Phone Mirror is a powerful software

Tenorshare Phone Mirror is a powerful software for Windows PC that enables users to mirror their Android and iOS device screens on their PC. With this software, users can play Android games on their computer using a game keyboard, mirror their Android screen, and control their Android phone from their computer. Additionally, users can mirror their iPhone and iPad screen to their computer via WiFi, making it easy to share content and view it on a larger screen.

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Tenorshare Phone Mirror is a free screen mirroring software

Tenorshare Co., Ltd. created this phone mirror program that enables you to control your mobile device from your PC using a mouse and keyboard. Tenorshare Phone Mirror is a free screen mirroring software that allows you to screen share your mobile screen to your PC or Mac.

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Screen mirror phones with complete control and zero limitations

If you are wondering how to mirror phone to laptop, Tenorshare Phone Mirror allows screen mirror phones with complete control and zero limitations. So, you can play games, transfer files, and watch movies on a bigger screen without any hassle.

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Real-time screen mirroring

Tenorshare Phone Mirror is a highly useful mobile phone tool that enables Windows PC users to establish a direct connection to their Android smartphone, and directly access its numerous features via real-time screen mirroring!



Saving a lot of time

I use it to take screenshots of my Android screen on my computer. So that I don't need to take screenshots on my phone and then transfer them to PC. Saving a lot of time.

tenorshare author Laurence 2021-09-30




Enjoy it

I enjoy it a lot to display my phone screen on PC. I can watch videos, play android games. Hope this product gets better.

tenorshare author Terry 2021-09-29




Nice try

The feature is as it shows. It is more convenient to use a bigger and clearer phone screen. Phone Mirror did it.

tenorshare author Nathaniel 2021-09-29




useful software

Really like the screen mirror feature. It is a very useful software to let me use my phone on the computer. Worth it.

tenorshare author Anni 2021-09-28



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