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Use UltData to recover all kinds of data from your iPhone, iCloud, or a backup

UltData has a couple of significant benefits over using iTunes to recover files. First, unlike iTunes, it can (hopefully) recover files directly from your iPhone; you don't need to have made a backup. Additionally, you can restore data on a case-by-case basis from an iTunes backup, rather than having to deal with an all-or-nothing approach.

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An easy-to-use tool that recovers lost or deleted data

UltData has a simple interface with a lot of features. However, it doesn’t overcomplicate processes, which ensures that users who aren’t tech-savvy can easily use the app to restore important files. With its help, you can recover images, videos, music, messages, and more. You can also create a backup and restore data from your local device and your iCloud and iTunes account. Considering all of this, it’s a must-have application.

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It’s a versatile piece of software

UltData is capable of handling issues as varied as broken screens, malware attacks, accidental deletions, jailbreaking errors and water damage, and even gives you the option of recovering all or only a selection of the data on a device. It’s a user-friendly one-stop shop.

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UltData is a comprehensive and reliable piece of software

Using UltData you can seamlessly retrieve images, videos, messages, notes, Safari bookmarks and call history logs. The utility can be also considered a suitable solution when it comes to recovering files from an iTunes backup.

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Tenorshare UltData will give you many powerful tools to recover your data

The best thing is that you can select what you want to recover and what not. With easy access and quick recovery, this software is definitely a go for recovering most of the popular file types.

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A powerful data recovery tool

Built from the ground up to be easy to use and reliable, this app enables PC users of all knowledge levels to retrieve data stored on their iOS devices in mere seconds, preventing data loss even in the case when data is held from inside the various popular applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, and many others.



Really worked, thanks a milion!!!

I just eased some pics to clear my iPhone storage but want to recover some, I regret to delete them. And Tenorshare UltData helped me to recover, thanks!!!!

tenorshare author uigagRe 2021-03-25





i think it's ok

tenorshare author og 2021-03-09




Best I've ever seen

I just accidentally deleted my contacts without any backup. But I use this tool to recover some of my lost contacts directly.

tenorshare author Pfuese 2021-01-28




Great, recovered my lost pdf doc on my iphone 6s

Couldn't believe that this software greatly worked. I have an iphone 6s and accidentally deleted a pdf file, but couldn't find a way to get it back. It's really important to me. Really thanks for this software.

tenorshare author Gordy 2021-01-20




Recovered my iPhone 12 lost data....

I accidentally delete some messages on my new iPhone 12 without any backup. This tool helped me to recover them all.

tenorshare author Geedy 2021-01-04




Really useful on my iPhone 12 yesterday

I just took some new photos and accidentally deleted the recently deleted....Fine, but this tool called UltData was such a big favor of my new iPhone 12, thanks!!!!

tenorshare author Terrewon 2020-12-23




Nothing more can appreciate my thanks!!!

I recovered my lost WeChat photos using Tenorshare UltData, really thanks again!

tenorshare author Ohie 2020-12-10




wow, I just get my lost pics back on my old iPhone 6S

I want to transfer data to the new iPhone 12. When I firstly choose to backup, it turned to find out some pics are accidentally deleted from Recently Deleted. This software helped me to restore the majority of lost data, really thanks!!!

tenorshare author Lorda 2020-12-01




Really useful on my new iPhone 12.

Just accidentally delete some pics and texts without any backup, and this tool helped me to get them back.

tenorshare author Porea 2020-11-17




Great, I like it.

Helped me to recover deleted whatsapp messages.

tenorshare author Brownliea 2020-11-12



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