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by nbr sdv

It’s so difficult to transfer my data to my new iPhone 13. I don’t know why I lost all my messages during transferring process. I don’t want to lose my precious messages history and this software helped me recover my messages data. Amazing! Recommend!!!

by sqa

I have a lot of bookmarks on my safari and after an internet crash, I LOST ALL MY BOOKMARKS!!!! I was going to crazy when I found this!! But fortunately UltData saved me and my bookmarks. This software recovered my bookmarks with only several minutes. Thanks a lot.

Makes my dad happy
by v frg

Last week, my father asked me to recover his Call history cuz he accidentally deleted all his call history and needed to contact an important people. I was shocked. This was beyond my capabilities so I asked my friend. My friend recommend this software. Thanks, I made my dad happy.

Helped me
by kyhg

I once synced some photos with iCloud on my iPhone 12, but didn’t find them recently. I have tried many methods but nothing worked. UltData is my last attempt. To my surprise, it really works. I got all My old photos that synced to iCloud now.

great app
by uyhgjnd

I kept trying and trying the repair maybe 8 times; and finally it has worked, with all data saved; a big thank you to the team. What a great product.

by kmbtd

2 years ago I backed up all my iPhone musics to iTunes and I even forgot that. But last week I read one of my diaries from two years ago and the diary reminded me! So I want to know what kind of music I was listening to two years ago. I can’t find the iTunes backpup files so I used UltData, I’m so exited, it really works! I got all my music from 1 years ago. What a great memory I got!


It helped me recovered my wechat data. Thanks god. I have many precious chatting data with my students in China. I’m not very good at using this app so I accidentally deleted all the chatting data, I’m so sad at that time! But thanks UltData! It’s paid but it’s worth it!


Ultdata helped me recover my photos from iCloud backup successfully! I synced my photos to iCloud and recently I need an important photo but didn’t find it in both my iphone and icloud photos, so I thought it might be accidentally deleted! Tenorshare helped me retrieve that important photo!

by lhfgu

After 3 months I updated your application and repeated the process. To my great satisfaction the standard repair worked this time, phone works and I didn’t loose any data at all. Thanks, well done Tenorshare! 

easy and effective
by ppodfb

It’s easy and effective. I got my photos back just with several easy steps. Never imagine an app can really do this. Very nice!

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