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Use UltData to recover all kinds of data from your iPhone, iCloud, or a backup

UltData has a couple of significant benefits over using iTunes to recover files. First, unlike iTunes, it can (hopefully) recover files directly from your iPhone; you don't need to have made a backup. Additionally, you can restore data on a case-by-case basis from an iTunes backup, rather than having to deal with an all-or-nothing approach.

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An easy-to-use tool that recovers lost or deleted data

UltData has a simple interface with a lot of features. However, it doesn’t overcomplicate processes, which ensures that users who aren’t tech-savvy can easily use the app to restore important files. With its help, you can recover images, videos, music, messages, and more. You can also create a backup and restore data from your local device and your iCloud and iTunes account. Considering all of this, it’s a must-have application.

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It’s a versatile piece of software

UltData is capable of handling issues as varied as broken screens, malware attacks, accidental deletions, jailbreaking errors and water damage, and even gives you the option of recovering all or only a selection of the data on a device. It’s a user-friendly one-stop shop.

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UltData is a comprehensive and reliable piece of software

Using UltData you can seamlessly retrieve images, videos, messages, notes, Safari bookmarks and call history logs. The utility can be also considered a suitable solution when it comes to recovering files from an iTunes backup.

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Tenorshare UltData will give you many powerful tools to recover your data

The best thing is that you can select what you want to recover and what not. With easy access and quick recovery, this software is definitely a go for recovering most of the popular file types.

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A powerful data recovery tool

Built from the ground up to be easy to use and reliable, this app enables PC users of all knowledge levels to retrieve data stored on their iOS devices in mere seconds, preventing data loss even in the case when data is held from inside the various popular applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, and many others.




UltData is a great software tool, I love it!

tenorshare author Jake 2020-02-28




It Works!

My phone was stuck at the apple logo screen, possibly due to low memory (3GB) when I restarted the phone. I have tried rebooting, updating the phone, called many iPhone specialists and gone to many shops (including Apple's Machines) to try to fix it and they all gave the same answer - that the only way to fix the phone was to perform a system restore. I can't do that because I do not want to lose my vacation photos (didn't get uploaded to iCloud as we were outside the day before and wasn't connected to wifi the whole day). As a last resort, we tried downloading Tenorshare Ultdata, and followed through the step-by-step instructions. It took a while (close to 1 hour) and watching the progress bar inching towards completion feels like an eternity, but finally the application managed to fix my iPhone system and I can access my Home Screen like normal. There are mixed reviews about this application so I want to share my experience. Tenorshare Ultdata saved my vacation photos, thank you so much! I'm using iPhone 11 Pro Maxx, iOS 13.

tenorshare author Nurul 2020-02-20




Much Love

Give all my love and gratitude to this site's owner and their software, Ultdata recovered my Wedding anniversary video, really really really thanks!

tenorshare author Donny 2020-01-11




Always well

I have used ultdata for more than two years, it always works well and helps me find my precious contacts, photos and many other files, 5 stars for your great software!

tenorshare author Adella 2020-01-08




videos come back!

I have taken many videos during the new year festival, but lost all of them because of a wrong restore, Ultdata helped me get them back, good job!

tenorshare author Winslow Garnett 2020-01-04




Merry Christmas!

I purchased this software from your Christmas sale, it's great to get both Ultdata and iCarefone with only paying for one!

tenorshare author Kevyn Abigayle 2019-12-25




high recovery rate!

UltData recovered so many lost files from my iPhone 6s, thank a lot! Will come back again!!

tenorshare author Ebony Sissy 2019-12-23




Direct to iPhone

I have tried many iOS recovery tools, most of them ask for an iTunes/iCloud backup. However, Ultdata can help to recover from your device directly, I love this feature!

tenorshare author Annora Emmett 2019-12-18




Worth the money

Download this software to try to get back some lost photos, pay for the full version and glad to say that it's worth the money.

tenorshare author Lester 2019-12-13




iOS 13.3 data get back!

I update my iPhone 11 pro to iOS 13.3 today, but lost all my data for a mistakenly click. I have no backup, so iTunes cannot help. The great thing is that UltData gets back my data. Although it hasn't recovered everything, I'm happy enough.

tenorshare author Jayna 2019-12-12



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