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Get rid of screen time passcode
by Benie

I changed my screen time passcode many times for a game app to prevent my husband playing too long, But I forgot it cause the "many times set" and i have no idea about how to fix this. Luckily, I found this iPhone backup unlocker online which can help me to remove screen time passcode.

Recover iTunes backup password
by Adi

I forgot the itunes backup password i set two weeks ago and now i want to recover the backup files. With this 4ukey - iPhone backup unlocker, I can easily recover the encrypted password within 3 steps. It's simple and it works well.

Remove screen time passcode
by Qua

I set a screen time password to prevent my mom's monitoring and I changed a lot. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the latest password I set and have no idea of how to get it back. It's quite complicated. With the search, I found this iPhone backup remover software and finally used it to recover my screen time password. It's good.

Get forgotten screen time passcode back
by Rico

I forgot my screen time passcode many times cause I always change it to prevent my child playing games for a long time. With this iPhone backup unlocker, I can remove it without any data loss then reset a new one. It really helped.

Great use
by Jenna

It's of great use to recover forgotten iTunes backup password with this iPhone backup unlocker. i always cannot recall which password corresponds to the appropriate account. With this software, I can encrypt files without repercussions.

Find forgotten encrypted iTunes files back
by Adam

I forgot the encrypted iTunes backup files back when I try to restore it. I'm anxious about this for a few days. Fortunately, this 4uKey - iTunes backup help me to quickly decrypt iTunes backup password,which helped me a lot.

I forgot thte backup passcode and my friend told me I could try this tool cause she has used this
by summer

So I downlaoded this from internet and tried step by step with the guidance. I have to say it is very kind that you offered such a detailed guide for users. Anyway, just in few minutes I got the passcode back

I encrypted my iTunes backup but forgot the passcode!!
by seven

I downloaded this tool and surprisiingly it disabled the encryption with just 1 click!

I don't want to encrypt the backup anymore
by simon

so I tried this tool ang it disabled the encryption very fast just with one click

It is so easy to use to remove the encryption passcode
by elsa

Just one click. Actually I was afraid it would be very complexd to do so. Yet When I done this I found I was wrong and the passcode was removed withiin just several seconds

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