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by Megan

I tried everything else, my iphone passcode, my apple password, none worked. 4ukey-iphone backup unlocker has 3 methods to attack the itunes backup. I have no clue about the itune password, so i choose to force attack. but i took long time to find the password

strongly recommend
by Ainsley

I backed up my iPhone x via iTunes, downloaded and installed iOS 13. When I connected to iTunes, iTunes promped me for a password to "unlock your iPhone backup file." No I did not encrypt the iPhone backup, nor is it or was it checked in iTunes. I have tried my iTunes password, my 6 digit unlock code for the iPhone, and several other passwords, It doesn't work at all. However, this tool decrypt the backup successfully, highly recommend!

Not bad
by Shynn

I used this tool to remove my screen passcode, very quickly. But it seems that it's not very useful for unlocking iTunes backup because it took a long time.

Good program
by Rachel

i factory reset my iPhone and want to restore it from iTunes backup, but i forgot the password. This tool removed the password in minutes so that i can restore my iphone successfully.

Easy and quick
by Giana

I went to change some of my settings in screen time and realized I set a passcode for it that I don’t remember. With the help of 4ukey, i unlocked it successfully.

by Sylvia

My dad recently forgot the password and couldn’t alter any setting on my phone. 4uKey helped me reset the screen time passcode without resetting the entire phone. Thanks!

100% Work
by Melanie

Only 3 simple steps to recover my forgotten iTunes backup password, but need to wait for several minutes.

Help me to remove screen time passcode for iphone 7
by Hailey

My brother gave me an iPhone 7 recently, but he didn't remember the screen time passcode. I just want to see if this software can remove the screen time passcode. The fact is , it did work!

Great tool!

I’m happy to say I shared the experience with my several friends. It retrieve iTunes backup password successfully. Thank your team for a great product!!”

remove screen time passcode quickly
by krishna

I set up the iphone screen time to prevent my son from being addicted to the game. But after a few days,i forgot the screen time passcode. So i try to use this tool. 4ukey did a great job of removing the screen time within several seconds! thanks!

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