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by Armstrong

A power software I have ever had! I dont know what will help with my screen time passcode while the passcode went wrong. Only find this software on google guiding me to break. Thank God,

by timonthy

It's really disgusted thing. I didn't know who did it. Someone changed iPad's screen time on my kid's birthday. I guessed it might be children did it, but no one acknowledgeed. It drived me nuts. Maybe, god guides me to tenorshare. this software is wonderful.

by cuong


Quickly recover
by Mina

This tool quickly recover my forgotten encrypted iTunes backup password. Thx iPhone Saver!

by Haggerty

I have tried to unset and immediately set my encrypted iPhone backup password. But iTunes kept saying the password is wrong. So FRUSTRATING, But this tool help me unlock my encrypted backup password, so useful and powerful.

Help matter
by Ben

I don't use iCloud, but I use iTunes backup. When I want to backup my photos on iPhone, embarrassing, I forgot the iTunes backup, these photos I have taken while I'm staying in Poland for holiday, they are precious as it's the first time I go to another country. I like this tool, very fast and useful to get my iTunes password back. Also thanks the customer service.

by gaming

i have reset my password to nothing yesterday on mac, today i've had to verify password, relogin into iTunes, but also have to enter iTunes bakeup password. only with 4ukey the problem resovle. emmm... apple .....

iTunes password
by Janice

I have access to iTunes to backup all data before. But few days ago, as it said, i don't have the right to enter in, Apple support just keeps saying DM. Shit Apple! Thanks this tool.

transfer data to iphone 11
by Ashely

Have set encrypted back up of iPhone 7 in iTunes on my PC. I bought a new iphone 11, need to transfer data to iphone 11. the interface keeps saying i am using incorrect password. I must admit i really forgot it, so i seek for help from tenorshare. At last, I erase iTunes back up encryption. Appreciate the help.

hi all
by franky

i found a disruptive bug in iphone backup password. i set itunes backup password and wrote it down on my notes. when i was using itunes, it's a big bug. i didn't do anything with it. but the itunes kept reminding me password wrong. so, i use this tool to erase iphone backup passport, i won't set encryption any more.! thanks!

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