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Transfer files selectively
by Dal

iCareFone is a great tool to transfer files among my idevices selectively and fast. It's really convenient.

Transfer ffast and remove duplicate things

I have to transfer lots of my duplicate files on my iphone to clean some storage.This iCareFone is very useful. It can not only can help me to transfer those files but automatically remove duplicates during the transfer. It really save my time.

transfer my secret
by Din

icarefone helped me to transfer some of my "secret" to other device fast and safe to avoid being seen by my parents.

rescue from apple logo stuck
by Eda

My iPhone was stuck in apple logo when i restart it and I don't know how to deal with it. This icarefone can help me out of this awkward situation within few minutes.It's fast and helpful.

Fix my apple logo stuck problem
by Din

Recently, my iPhone is always stuck in apple logo when I restart it and it took a long time to restore. With this iCareFone, I can fix this annoying problem quickly and safe. It worth a try.

Transfer selectively
by Julie

iCareFone allowed me to transfer some of files from my iPhone. And I can transfer it quickly and selectively.It's really useful for me to transfer some photos with my friends.

Transfer fast and safe
by Bim

iCareFone is a great tool for me to transfer a number of files within minutes when I was out and need to spare more space to store more files.It's great to use for a photographer.

Backup free and transfer fast
by Dam

iCareFone is a great tool for me to bulk manage some files on my iPhone fast and simly.

Backup freely
by Kate

iCareFone is a great tool for me to backup my files on my iPhone quickly and free. And it takes not a long time to backup.It's good to use.

Transfer files quickly
by Hone

iCareFone is a gorgeous software which can transfer most of my photos from my phone within minutes with no loss.It's safe and fast.

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