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good software to backup and restore
by Hovsep Berjouhi

iCareFone is great, it can achieve all my needs to backup and restore my iPhone files. The best feature is that it can selectively transfer any data you want, much better than iTunes.

Worth Purchasing
by Hakob Azat

You may find that there are limits with the free trial, however, I must say the full version is worth the price, especially for the option to transfer WhatsApp between iPhone and Android, thanks a lot.

compatible with iOS 13!
by Karekin Ari

It's great, I used it to back up my iPhone 7 files and then restored them to the new iPhone 11, all worked great!

iCareFone is great for file transfer!
by Eduard Anahit

I would highly recommend iCareFone for two reasons: 1. it transfers iPhone media between iTunes and idevice, just replace the terrible iTunes; 2. it can also transfer WhatsApp between iPhone and Android phone, very good.

From a trusted user
by Hakob Karen

I came here to write review because I was really happy, the software helped me back up my iPhone file completely free, I will never use iTunes to do backup again.

Great new feature
by Matevos Mariam

I'm an old user of iCareFone and surprisingly to find that you have added the feature to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone in the new update, love this software more.

Unlike iTunes, doesn't need complex steps
by Bedros Khazhak

icarefone is one of the easiest apps I have used, I can selectively transfer my iPhone media between iTunes and iOS device without any need of tech.

by Hovsep Margarit

Have used this software several times, it always works great, recommend it's WhatsApp Transfer feature to all of you.

Just What I Want!
by Anush Avag

I have searched for a tool to transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android for a long time, this software is just what I want, thank you!

WhatsApp Transfer
by Haig Vartan

I used to be an Android user and now want to change to an iPhone, WhatsApp is the only app I want to transfer as it is important to my business. I have tried Apple's Move to iOS, but it is a little complicated to use, iCareFone is much easier and better. Besides, it can also transfer from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Android and Android to Android, love it so much.

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