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unlock my iphone
by Hayley

my iPhone 7 screen died a few days ago and is completely unresponsive to touch. I had the screen replaced and when that did not work had the touch IC replaced. The display appears fine but it is completely unresponsive.Later, i use 4ukey to unlock my iPhone so that i can access to my phone without password.

Requires no technical skills
by Jaime

Easily to remove my lock screen passcode of iPhone x. Just 3 steps!!!

Unlock Apple ID
by Aland

Unlock apple id

it is not support my device
by Tarun yadav

its worth software

Really a great software for Apple ID removal!!!
by Eddie Adu-GYamfi

Thank you, guys. I finally can use this iPhone without limitation after removing the Apple ID.

I will always keep this software.
by Pearson

It only takes simple steps and a few minutes to bypass the locked screen. This saved me a trip to the apple store. Thank you to the people who made this,

100% works!
by Kerry

My iphone X was frozen after entering wrong passcode for too many times! Luckily, 4ukey helped me remove the passcode successfully!

Well Done!!!!
by Denny

unlock my iPhone screen passcode within half an hour

by Kohar

Thanks for your great software, please update it better and better, I will always be your fun!

Very simple to use
by Nicky

4ukey help me unlock my Apple ID successfully! But pls note that before using this tool, you need to make a backup because it will erases all the data.

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