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Manage ps selectively
by Dami

4uKey ps manager is a great tool to manage some of my password selectively which needed to be recorded to avoid being forgotten.

Retrieve wifi ps
by Kate

4uKey is a great tool for me to retrieve the former Wi-Fi ps at the restaurant which I used to dealing with my meal.

Got my credit card ps back
by Kathy

I've opened a few credit cards and for safety I set different ps for them, 4uKey - password manager is a great tool for me to manage those credit card ps.

Got my various ps back
by Ann

This 4uKey password manager can be used to manage my various ps like different apple account ps for playing games on foreign server. It really a good memorization software.

Reset iTunes ps
by Ash

I forgot my iTunes ps so I cannot listen to music which I bought before. With this 4uKey password manager , it;s no longer a problem.

Bulk manage my ps
by Min

4uKey ps manager is a useful tool to manage a pile of password of mine and I don't need to remember each one of them.

Share the same Wi-Fi on both my iPad and iPhone
by Mike

4uKey password manager can show me the wifi password which my iPad currently connected to make my iPhone link. This prevents me drom asking waiters again which is really convenient.

Got my fucking ins ps back
by Marie

I've tried many times to find my ins ps back but it's damn.. With this 4uKey - password manager I can easily find my different ins ps to get some photos back. It's great to use.

Great to get my WhatsApp ps back
by Mae

I confused of my WhatsApp ps after changing it many times, but now with 4uKey password manager, I can easily get my ps back. It's worth a try.

Got my Line password back
by Seiko

I use Line sometimes to get in touch with my Japanese friends but I always forgot my password.This 4uKey-Password manager is one of the tools which used to remind me of those passwords.It's a really good software.

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