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WhatsApp password recovery
by Bagrat Gadar

I use WhatsApp almost everyday, however, I completely forgot the password as it was set up a long time ago. 4ukey password manager is the software which helped me recover the password, now I can log in my WhatsApp on the new iPhone XR.

by Ari

It's amazing! I usually create a lot of password in my iPhone 7 for wifi, youtube, skype and many other apps, however, the password is difficult to remember. With this software, I can enjoy my apps without limits as it can help me find all the passwords back when I forgot them.

very good
by Fiona

It succeeded in getting back my home wi-fi password quickly.

Unlock Apple ID on device
by Jimin

I want to change to a new password to play some games which are restricted in the current region but I forgot the current password of the Apple ID which logged in. With this 4ukey iPhone password remover, i can easily unlock it and finally get into a new one. It's good to use.

Find my email password back
by Dawe

I sign up a website with my email address, and I have to activate the link which sent to my email address but I forgot the password of it. With this password manager, I can easily find it back and finally activate my account. It's great.

password arrangement
by Cathy

As time goes by, there are more and more passwords and accounts are arising. And it seems to be a challenge for me to remember those lots of passwords. With this password manager, I can get rid of it cause it can take my place to arrange those passwords conveniently.

Manage password effectively
by Shaw

The more apps and websites we used, the more accounts and passwords we have. It is hard to remember a piles of passwords. With this password manager, i can get rid of taking a note about passwords. It's good to use.

by Rio

This 4uKey - Password manager allowed me to find wifi password back at a cafe which I've been there before and this reduced my tension to ask waiters again especially for out-sider like me.

Find my iPad screen time passcode back
by Den

I set my iPad screen time passcode to refuse my son getting into it to play games but I forgot it when I'm going to play. With this 4uKey - password manager , I can easily manage most of them and I can set more with no worry. It's good to use.

Find apple id back
by Danny

I always change my apple id to play some games which I cannot play with the same region's apple id. And this 4uKey - password manager help me to manage them so I have no need to remember them deliberately. It's quite convenient.

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