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My friends,it is really good!!!
by Addie

I suddenly found that I lost one important file on my computer, thank god, it helps me to get back.

Finally Find Screen Time Passcode!
by Cheon

I just get my screen time back and yes, it is no less a problem bothering me.

Can't believe I find my passcodes on iPhone
by Barbara

Yes, I am an idiot and should remember my house wi-fi.

Thanks to it, find back my login passcode!!!
by Luhya

I just sign up a website, after a while, my mind goes blank, god saves me!!! Luckily, this gets my login passcode.

Oh, solved my headache, wi-fi passcode
by Ganda

I shouldn't have set such a long and complex passcode, but then again, 4uKey helps me to find it back.

Really appreciate it
by Ellen

You know Wi-Fi, yep, very important for us phone freaker. Absolutely find wi-fi passwords.

Super Useful!!!
by Amil

I just use this to find my some website accounts and especially passwords, because I always forgot what I have registered, really...

WhatsApp password recovery
by Bagrat Gadar

I use WhatsApp almost everyday, however, I completely forgot the password as it was set up a long time ago. 4ukey password manager is the software which helped me recover the password, now I can log in my WhatsApp on the new iPhone XR.

by Ari

It's amazing! I usually create a lot of password in my iPhone 7 for wifi, youtube, skype and many other apps, however, the password is difficult to remember. With this software, I can enjoy my apps without limits as it can help me find all the passwords back when I forgot them.

very good
by Fiona

It succeeded in getting back my home wi-fi password quickly.

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