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Clear Browser data
by Adele

I cleard my google browser data mistakenly, causing my twitter account and password went missing. And I used this tool get them back How amazing it is!

by Elsevier

Good software, very cheap. My friend came to my house to play, but I forgot the WiFi password, this helped me find it

by Kiran

Found a good thing, this software can directly display the password on the Mac.

passcode really good
by Raja Ganesh R

I've always considered to buy a Mac for present for me last year. Luckily, I got a Mac from my dad. I have an old iPhone 6, and it has been with me for 3 years. When I backup my data, but I can't find my keychain on my phone. So, I see this software from an article, and it shows how to transfer my iOS keychian to my Mac. It's really useful and wonderful. Like it.

It seems weird
by Jonathan Hastie

Recently, I am always forgetting my google accounts password. It's really frustrating. I know I should have kept all passwords on a note book. But the ability of my memory is dropping down, even though I have stopped staying up late. But for me, it's really useful. Thank you very much.

Let me share this wonderful tool
by Danio Cardoso

Things happened last week. It's New Year. Can't you believe it, clean out in the spring. Oh, passwords' notebook which is thrown away by my darling. But I can't complaint or scold the sweet and kind lady. So, I used this tool. Some passwords get back and my honey and I are very happy with this tool. Thx Tenorshare.

It is ver useful!
by Ken

It is a power tool that wow helps me get some web passwords I lost after I did factory reset with my phone, apple doesn't support to backup web passwords for me, that's why I ' m a bit tried with it.

by Ru

I forgot my password for my Apple ID and the number I have attached to it isn't my number anymore. Emm.... found this software and luckily got my password back and other other passwords back. A magical software hhhh

Wi-Fi got
by shanna

my family went travel in the early of Dec. It's a funny thing the whole family forgot the wifi password, we are loverly family. we found the password at last.

Log in on the web
by Grisham

Yesterday, I logged in on the web and reset my password but I am locked out of my web password again. The tool gets back all I save web passwords.

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