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by Yvil

4uKey password manager scanned and displayed all the wifi passwords and account passwords on my iPhone. Really impressive.

Transfer passwords
by Jan

Use this great password manager to transfer the passwords saved on Chrome to my iPhone and sync them to Safari. Save me a lot of time to enter the passwords one by one.

iPhone password manager
by Ryann

I bought this iPhone password manager software on sale. And it is so fantastic. I forget my passwords easily, so I need to back them up. It is so convenient to save all my passwords in a place, especially all the website accounts and passwords.

Big Fan
by Allie

Wifi is so important for me in daily life, but i am not a person who can remember numbers very well. I need to find and view wifi passwords very often. So I am a big fan of 4uKey - Password Manager. It always helps me.

by Briana

My friend introduces 4uKey Password Manager to me. She says it can backup and keep all kinds of passwords save on my iPhone. It did. Wifi, Netflix, mail, and even credit card info, all can be seen and saved.

4ukey password manager
by Tom

I just got the iPhone 13 Pro Max and used it very well. Thanks to the 4ukey password manager, I did not spend much time transferring my wifi passwords, accounts on Safari and their passcode. Save a lot of inconveniences.

Manage my account password
by Kole

I used to directly save the account passwords on my iPhone but couldn't remember them. And the problem comes when I want to login in without passwords. 4uKey helps me manage all these passwords and I can find them whenever I want.

Nice tool
by Larrie

I want to find the wifi passwords once I used and saved on my iPad, so I use 4uKey Password Manager to scan my iPad and find them out successfully. So convenient this software is.

good app
by ehndy

I reset my facebook last week but I forgot the password again. I don’t know why I can’t reset it for the third time. My sister ask me to use 4uKey and it helped me get my password back. Good app.

Way more useful than you think
by Christopher

I have been stuck trying to export my multi-hundred passwords from iCloud, and I have tried multiple other reputable developers who failed to provide what what they claimed. Within 7-10 minutes, I now am able to export my entire iCloud library of passwords, usernames, etc into files that I can export into other managers or dissect myself! Also, I found that I had over 50 wifi passwords stored in my phone, along with long-lost credit card numbers. I don't need those features right now but definitely above and beyond! Thank you Tenorshare!

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