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Wipe out locked android
by Bilie

My nephew who is 4 years old had reset my android locked screen password by accident when he was playing my android. For this, I have no idea about how to unlock it with the unknown password. Fortunately, I found this android screen unlocker software online and it can wipe out the locked screen at once.

Bypass locked samsung
by Bill

I change my iPhone to a new android, but I forgot the locked password which I set before and now I have no idea about how to do. With the 4uKey for Android I searched online, i can easily bypass the locked samsung and set a new one. It's good to use.

Remove locked android screen password in minutes
by Rina

I want to play games with my mom's android but I cannot unlock it and my mom is out for a while. Luckily, I found this android screen unlocker online and it removed the locked android at once. It's great.

Remove locked android screen password
by Danile

I lost my android on the airplane when I take off. And I cannot get it back until two days later. When I found it , I cannot remember its password cause it's new which i bought abroad and just set a random password for it. With this 4ukey for Android, I can remove it fast. It's good to use.

Android screen deblocking
by Vivian

I set the password many times on my Android for the test and this day , I cannot recollect what the latest password is. With this 4ukey for android recommended by my friend, I can deblock it within 3 steps which is easy and fast.Great!

Bypass locked android screen fast and easy
by Yury

My child reset my locked android screen by accident when she was 5, and obviously I cannot wipe out it by now. With this 4uKey for Android, I can easily bypass it and use it as normal. It's useful.

Bypass locked android screen
by Bamie

I reset my android locked screen password to prevent my son playing games. But this is shooting myself in the foot. i cannot remember the new password I set. With this 4uKey for Android, I can easily bypass my locked android screen.

Unlock Samsung phone locked screen password
by Ramen

My son has been weird lately and I want to find out why with taking a glance at his phone but he's out and I don't know his locked screen password. With this 4uKey for Android, I can easily wipe out the locked screen and finally understand him. It's good to use.

Unlock locked Android without Factory reset
by Adam

I used to unlock android with factory reset when I forgot the locked screen password. So I often fall apart when I factory reset it cause there was always along with data loss. By now, I finally can get out of this situation with 4uKey for Android showing up. It can help to unlock my Android fast and the most important thing is that there is no data loss. It's good use and I can get rid of factory reset at last.

Unlock lg
by Yvy

I change a new LG and set a locked screen passcode last night. But my memory was erased when I got up this morning. Fortunately, I found 4uKey for Android which allowed me to unlock the locked screen within several steps.