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thank you
by George

I just want to say thank you to you guys. The 4ukey for android really helps me a lot. For no reason, I just cannot enter the right passwords to unlock my phone. SO i have to use it to remove the lock and then access my phone again.

by Brenton

I removed the Google account lock from my Samsung phone with the help of 4uKey for Android. It took me about 10 minutes. I dont want to forget any passwords any more.

Thank you
by Shena

My samsung phone was reset, and it said I need to sign in with a Google account to continue. But I don't know the password. 4uKey for Android is the software that remove this verification out of my phone.

It worked very well
by Captain

Being a Mac person, I helped a friend reset his Samsung tablet with your software and it worked very well, thank you.

It worked!!!!!
by Haylee

It worked!!!!! My mother's old Samsung was stuck on the Google verification page but she had no password for it. 4uKey for Android helps bypass this Google account lock in a few minutes. The detailed guide is very friendly to us.

Definitely recommend
by Catherine

Success!!! My neighbor will be thrilled! I volunteer with a group that provides technical help to seniors in my area. I will recommend your product to them.

I have a locked Samsung. 4ukey for Android unlocked it.
by Gray

I have a Samsung Galaxy phone and need to get it unlocked because I forget the screen password. 4ukey for Android easily solves my problem. It has very clear instructions and I don't need to know any technical knowledge to complete it.

worked great
by Kroptavinch

Your product worked great. I got what I needed unlocked.

happy with the result
by llac

I bought the 4ukey for android software today for one month license. I have used it and am happy with the result. I will use it again if I encounter this same problem.

Program worked great
by Hooper

I request assistance in canceling my current 4uKey for Android subscription. The program worked great!

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