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Cool Android Phone Unlocker
by Rowan Hodges

Worked well for me. Highly recommend it to all kinds of people who want to remove the screen lock on Android without passwords.

Unlock My Phone!
by Kevin Wilson

I forgot my screen lock password, so I used 4ukey for Android to remove it. Without this app, I couldn't have unlocked my device. Thanks a lot!!!!

Amazing app
by Diana Novak

Amazing app!!! It helped me remove the screen lock when I was locked out of my phone. Thanks a lot!!!

it works ! I know now which software I can trust.
by PHilippe

Congratulations! Thanks to your assistance and software, I was able to recover my tablet by bypassing the FRP, even this product code was not listed on the supported Samsung devices. The procedure was easy to follow and finally,

It Helped me out!
by Maeve Cronin

My phone was locked. I've tried factory resetting but it failed. Thankfully this tool helped me out!!!

by arth

The software worked

Get my phone unlocked
by Wynona

Hello! I've got Samsung s9 plus and I want to unlock pattern lock on the phone. And 4ukey for Android did it. Great product you provided.

Thanks for your services
by Aaliya

Amazing work. My old Samsung phone was used several years ago and I cal still open it but with a pattern lock. With 4uKey for Android, now I have my phone unlocked without losing the data.

Android phone
by Nathaniel

My boyfriend has an Android phone and has a pin number set as a screen lock on his phone. But he can't remember the number, and neither do I. With this software, we bypass it and get access to the phone again.

pattern lock
by Woody

I want to get rid of the pattern lock set on my Android phone which I have forgotten. Thanks to this 4ukey Android screen unlocker, I removed the lock successfully.

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