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Android phone
by Nathaniel

My boyfriend has an Android phone and has a pin number set as a screen lock on his phone. But he can't remember the number, and neither do I. With this software, we bypass it and get access to the phone again.

pattern lock
by Woody

I want to get rid of the pattern lock set on my Android phone which I have forgotten. Thanks to this 4ukey Android screen unlocker, I removed the lock successfully.

by Scott

I forgot my screen passcode as I only used fingerprint for a long time, and I didn't find any other solutions, so I was thinking about using 4ukey for android to unlock it, which was recommended by my sister. And it did work.

by Lavy

My Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was got locked by Google account and I tried to find back the account password but failed. So I decided to try 4uKey for Android to remove the Google lock. And it indeed succeeds and I can now unlock my phone and use it gain.

thank you!
by alexia

bypass frp protection on VERIZON Galaxy s10 android 11,untill this galaxy s10 i didnt have any problem with your product. it worked flawlessly every time no matter what.

s21 ultra
by Paul

I had a s21 ultra and I am told you guys are the only ones who can bypass the frp lock and I am truly grateful to u guys for all your help.

Great to unlock my phone
by Alexia

This app works very well. I had trouble unlocking my phone with the pattern lock. How lucky I was to find this app, which helped me remove the lock in 2 or 3 minutes.

Removed the pattern lock
by Lavonne

I downloaded 4uKey for Android on my Macbook and removed the pattern lock from my Android phone with very clear instructions. Now no lock annoys me and I can use my phone again.

Bypass the Google account
by Sondra

When I set the phone, it said “This device was reset. To continue sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device”, but I did not have its Google account as it is given by my relative. But I was very lucky because I used 4uKey Android to get it passed. Thank you.

4uKey for Android
by Lizbeth

I factory reset my Samsung A51, and it needs to enter Google account password. Actually, the phone was my sister's and she gave it to me. But she does not remember the password either. I tried the way on the internet to solve my problem and finally succeeded when I used 4uKey for Android.

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