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Unlock my mom's Android
by Mani

4uKey for Android is great tool for me to unlock my mom's android to play games.It's very convenient and useful.

remove my child's android locked screen
by Lee

4uKey is a great tool for me to remove my child's locked screen within minutes. It's fast and safe.

remove my android lock screen ps
by demi

I forgot my android screen lock ps, this 4ukey for android is a great tool for me to remove that simply.

Unlock stuck Android
by paul

My Android stuck and I need to unlock it to find some files on it. This 4uKey for Android is a gospel for me to unlock my screen.

Bypass Android
by Davy

4uKey for Android is a good tool to bypass my locked Android.

Bypass locked Android
by Caty

4uKey for Android is a great tool to help me unlock the locked Android which is used to be a test phone in company.

Unlock my Android
by Cathy

4uKey for Android is a great tool for me to unlock my Huawei while it's stuck.

Unlock OPPO screen lock
by Damon

My friend suddenly forgot her OPPO screen password when we went out to travel and wanted to record a special moment. That feeling is really a crash. With this 4ukKey for Android, we unlock her screen lock quickly.

Unlock my husband's Android phone
by Lay

Recently, I found my husband has changed his Android screen lock and I cannot use his phone to shop on the Internet. With this 4ukey for Android, I can unlock his phone to keep on shopping.

Unlock my stuck Samsung
by Ben

I've been annoyed cause my Samsung screen lock stuck. With this 4uKey for Android, i can easily unlock it..

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