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I would recommend it
by Ankush

I have no idea what cause my samsung screen become unresponsive, so i cannot unlock till i use this tool. It help me remove the screen passcode.

Unlocked quickly
by Nelle Newt

4uKey is one of the best software I have ever used. It unlocked my iPhone 6s screen in just 5 or 6 minutes, amazing!

lock screen removed
by Pradhan

I forgot my samsung pattern and didn't have the google account. so i install this 4ukey for android on my pc to unlock it.

unlock my samsung s9

OMG - I was freaking out that i can never unlock my samsung s9 - this saved me!

bypass samsung s9 password
by Abby

my mom forgot her samsung screen password, I have tried soft reboot, but it didn't work. so I have to buy the third-party tool to unlock it. Save my effort to go to the repair store.

forgot my samsung pattern password
by Sam Lachey

I put a pattern on my Samsung s7 and forgot it, i doesn’t know my email info (rages). my younger brother recommend me this tool, and luckily, it bypass the pattern lock successfully

unlock my LG V20 without password
by Cherry

Get my LG V20 Unlocked without Password successfully! I once paid $79.99 to an online unlock service who promised to offer the service but ended up disappointing me. But this 4ukey for android can really bypass the password.

unlock Samsung phone
by Diane

I bought a second-hand Samsung mobile phone, which needs Google account login verification. I search in the internet to find a software. 4ukey for android ranks high on the google page, so i decided to test if it will unlock my phone without pssword.It succeeded!

Unlock My Huawei Mate30 Pro Quickly
by Eminem

It is very simple to operate. You can bypass the lock screen password of the mobile phone by connecting it to the computer via USB

by Nick

Well, this software did help me remove my LG phone's password.

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