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Program worked great
by Hooper

I request assistance in canceling my current 4uKey for Android subscription. The program worked great!

Very user friendly
by Jake

I am able to use the software the UI is very nice and smooth and very user friendly

Thank you
by Kapil

I got locked with my Motorola phone because I just couldn't remember the pattern lock. Thanks for providing this software to help me unlock it.

A great decision I made.
by Anna

It is so annoying when you cannot access your phone. My LG phone got locked but I couldn't remember the password to unlock it. With 4uKey for Android, I did it in a few minutes. A great decision I made.

Success! Happy to share with you.
by Saralina

I now have access to my Huawei mobile phone again. So impressed that it unlocked my phone. Can't wait to share with you guys.

Good! Thank you.
by Alicia

Hi, I want to thank you to provide such good software for removing the pattern lock on my Samsung Galaxy 10. It really solves my problem.

It works great.
by Elaine

Yes, this unlocker software successfully removes the fingerprint lock of the second-hand Samsung I got. It works so great. And it was recommended correctly.

good job
by Caelie

Thanks, 4uKey for Android mac. So happy to get the screen lock out of my phone. I tried many times to unlock with what might be the correct password but failed. Hope this product will get better in the future.

unlock phone
by lydiana

I forgot my Mi phone passcode and factory reseted it. And the problem is that I couldn't unlock it. This tool helped me out. I removed the screen password successfully and used it again.

solved the problem
by Norbert

I solved the problem of the switch-off lock by causing a deep discharge. After that, the functionality of your software was fully effective.

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