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A professional activation lock removal tool without previous Owner

We highly recommend using a professional and effective method to remove the activation lock without previous Owner. One such method is Tenorshare 4MeKey. 4MeKey can help you effortlessly remove the iCloud activation lock and bypass the iPad/iPhone locked to the previous owner even without the Apple ID and password.

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An all-in-one iPhone Activation Unlocker

How to remove the activation lock without the previous owner? Tenorshare 4MeKey is an all-in-one iPhone Activation Unlocker. It can remove the iCloud activation lock without any prerequisites and remove Activation Lock or iPhone Locked to Owner without Apple ID and Passcode.

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Offer the best iCloud unlock services

The Tenorshare team has 10+ years of experience developing award-winning software focused on data security and system fixes for iOS and Android devices. Tenorshare 4MeKey is a robust application primarily built to offer the best iCloud unlock services without any password.

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Reliable activation unlocker

If you encounter the activation lock on your newly purchased second-hand iPhone or iPad and the previous or original owner is unavailable, then use Tenorshare 4MeKey to get this job done for you. It is the best, most effective, and most reliable tool!

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Unlock iCloud accounts without Apple ID and password

Tenorshare 4MeKey is a premium desktop utility that allows you to remove iCloud activation lock keys in the safest way. Developed by reliable software developer Tenorshare, it helps you instantly unlock iCloud accounts even when you forget your Apple ID and password.

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The greatest iCloud unlock solution

Are you having issues with an iCloud-locked iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? What is the best way for activation lock removal? The greatest iCloud unlock solution to disable Activation Lock without a password is available from Tenorshare 4MeKey.



I got an old iPad mini, and locked out of iCloud lock, this worked finally!

Some friend of mine sent me an unused iPad and i found that it gets stuck on iCloud activation lock, oops, tragedy. I googled and found this tool, never thought that it would work on my ipad.

tenorshare author Goorgewosha 2020-12-01




Worked on my iPhone 6S with iOS 13.7

I haven't updated to iOS 14.2 because I have an iCloud locked iphone. I just used this tool the day yesterday, and wow, really bad-ass!!!~

tenorshare author Gandae 2020-11-17




supports iOS 14 on my iPhone x

I just saw this tool claims to support iPhone x with iOS icloud activation lock removal, great............want to recommend it to my friend.

tenorshare author Olie.waltz 2020-11-12




Bypassed on my iphone 6s

I have an old iphone 6s with activation lock, yeah, but this called 4mekey is really useful for deleting the activation lock

tenorshare author Woundle 2020-11-06




Good, bypass on my ios 14 activation lock!

thanks to the support team to teach me how to operate on my windows and finally I got this issue resolved!

tenorshare author Okan 2020-11-06




Removed icloud lock on ipad pro 1, ios 14!!!!

Never thought that it could remove my ipad lock which was got from my old friend. Yeah, i can now using it as a media player, cuz I cannot use the sim card after I've removed the activation lock.

tenorshare author Oeara 2020-10-19




It. worked on my ios 14 ipad mini 4

It's really good to help me remove icloud lock on my ipad, and I really like it so much, cuz i've tried so many times using the other methods online.

tenorshare author Guier.Sh 2020-10-19




removed ipados 14 device icloud lock!!!

Good, I recently found this tool, and bypassed my activation lock, really useful!!!!

tenorshare author uipwWer 2020-10-13




Really good to use!!!

Successfully removed my iCloud activation lock, ios 14 yeah

tenorshare author Grumuy 2020-10-13




Someone recommeded this to me, my iPhone xr

I bought an old iPhone XR, but with activation lock, shame!. Finally, 4MeKey removed finally.

tenorshare author Hareit 2020-09-29



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