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IOS security to mythical security
by Tivah

Wonderful tool,according to reviews still am not critisizing for I haven't installed my free/trial version of 4ukey to suck old apple id from my new stolen ipad???????? wonderful

Fantastic, I loved it much
by Prandddz

I have an old iPhone 5s with iOS 12, this 4MeKey is really useful and helped to remove the iCloud activation lock, thanks a lot!!!! Strongly recommend it to you.

The 4Mekey Activation Lock does work with my 7th generation iPad (2019)
by Ryan Tran

You are so awesome Tenorshare Team. Thank you for your support. I am really appreciate your guys to help me to remove iCloud activation lock on my 7th iPad (2019).

Ipad 3
by ovidiu

Doesn”t suport my device ipad 3 why ?

Greatly worked on my iPhone 8Plus
by Welsh

I have a second-hand iPhone 8 plus, and 4mekey really worked. I have used this iPhone as an iPod touch....

Bypassed my activation lock on my old second-hand iPad
by Wondeey

I just spared my money and bought a cheap iPad and turned out to be iCloud locked, oops!!!! But this 4mekey tool helped to remove my activation lock, thanks!!!

Great and it worked on my old iPhone 6s.
by olive

I have an old iPhone 6s from someone, and it turned out to be iCloud locked. This tool helped me to unlock successfully.

best softwares
by mathews


I got an old iPad mini, and locked out of iCloud lock, this worked finally!
by Goorgewosha

Some friend of mine sent me an unused iPad and i found that it gets stuck on iCloud activation lock, oops, tragedy. I googled and found this tool, never thought that it would work on my ipad.

Worked on my iPhone 6S with iOS 13.7
by Gandae

I haven't updated to iOS 14.2 because I have an iCloud locked iphone. I just used this tool the day yesterday, and wow, really bad-ass!!!~

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