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Turn off fmi. Like it.
by Corina

I wanna turn off find my iphone but I just cannot enter the right password. Thanks to 4MeKey, I succeeded with ease.

like it
by oopreda

You know what, my phone was stolen last week and I got it back from the police yesterday. But the drama happened, I forgot my apple id and my phone was locked by activation lock!!It’s even a little funny. I just didn’t expect anything from 4mekry at first, but then a miracle happened. It removed my activation lock successfully. I’m shocked!!!

good app
by Pristin

I got a locked iPhone 7, and 4MeKey helped me remove the lock. It surely saved money compared with some service centers. It’s surely a nice pay! Thanks very much!

Wonderful software!
by Ghosty

This is absolutely the best tool I have ever seen.

Oh, worked finally.
by Frgangile

I have an old iPhone 8 Plus and it stuck with Activation Lock, Tenorshare 4MeKey got my iPhone unlocked.

Thumb up for this tool
by Louariane

I really like this tool, which helped me to unlock the activation lock on my iPhone 8 plus yesterday.

Can't say thanks more!!!
by Regagea

This 4mekey helped me to unlock my iCloud lock successfully. I just bought it from a platform and is claimed to be without any lock. However, it didn't. I found this from Reddit and quora. Never thought that it would work eventually.

Love so much, removed activation lock on my old iphone 6s!!!
by Freddywong

I just got a used iPhone 6s from someone and it stuck on the activation lock, so lucky, my friend recommends this to me.

Bypassed my iphone x, thanks!!!
by TUtyhy

My iPhone x has stuck on activation lock and I googled, someone recommend to use 4MeKey, never thought that this would work.

by Ashely Lopez

With the help of hackerflame11 on Instagram. I got the. Jobs done within an hour

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