Can I transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone using Google Drive? Today, you can restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone with iCareFone Transfer(iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer). Let's check it out here and learn how to accomplish that goal together.

Video How to Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iPhone

Step 1 Choose Backup and Log into Google Drive

Choose “Backup” from the left pane of the options, you’ll see how to back up WhatsApp to your PC/Mac. And then, choose “From Google Drive” from the top menu and then alick on "Back Up Now".

icarefone transfer - choose google drive backup
icarefone transfer - choose google drive backup

Now, you need to log into Google Drive with a Google account and password. Please be assured that all data are secretly encrypted and would never be uploaded or saved anytime.


Before you log into Google Drive, please make sure you’ve backed up WhatsApp on your Android device.

icarefone transfer - sign in to google drive account

Step 2 Select WhatsApp Backup History and Download

In the next procedure, you will see all WhatsApp backup history. Choose the one that you want to download or restore to iOS device.

icarefone transfer - select backup history

Click the “Continue” button and the program starts to download WhatsApp backup data. How soon will this whole process be accomplished? It depends on how much size of the backup and internet you connect.

icarefone transfer - download backup data

Step 3 Verify WhatsApp Account and Generate Backup Data

Then, click the “Verify” button to verify your WhatsApp account with the country code and phone number that you used to backup WhatsApp data.

icarefone transfer - verify whatsapp backup account

After the WhatsApp account verification has been done without any question, your WhatsApp account on the source Android phone will be logged out automatically. Then, the program begins to generate WhatsApp backup data.

icarefone transfer - generate whatsapp data

After a while, the chosen WhatsApp backup data from Google Drive will be completely backed up.

icarefone transfer - backed up whatsapp data

Step 4 View WhatsApp Backup and Restore to iOS Device

Click the “View Backup” button and all detailed WhatsApp backup data are as shown below. You can check chat history, pictures, videos, and other attachments one by one.

icarefone transfer - view whatsapp backup

There are three buttons at the bottom, click the “Restore to iOS” button. Connect your iOS device to computer with a lightning to USB cable.

icarefone transfer - connect ios to restore backup

Next, the program generates a WhatsApp backup that will be soon transferred to the target iOS device.

icarefone transfer - generate whatsapp

Now, you need to log into WhatsApp account on the iOS device and do WhatsApp verification. Remember to skip “Restore from iCloud”.

icarefone transfer - login whatsapp on ios

The final step would go to restore WhatsApp backup data from Google Drive to iOS device. Just please wait patiently for the process. No less than 10 minutes usually, the WhatsApp backup data will be restored successfully.

icarefone transfer - restoring whatsapp
icarefone transfer - restore whatsapp backup successfully

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